[Solved] Critical Error: Start menu and cortana aren’t working | Windows 10

I have recently upgraded my Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. There are few bugs with Windows 10 and few of them are very annoying just like the one "Critical Error: Start menu and cortana aren’t working".  In this error your task bar will stop working, all the keyboard shortcuts which uses window key will stop working. There will be a pop up saying "Critical Error: Start menu and cortana aren’t working"  and will ask you to sign out and sign in again to fix it. But signing out and signing back in, Read more [...]

Lessons to Be Learned from the Success of Chobani Greek Yogurt

The Chobani Greek Yogurt story reads like something out of a small-business fairy tale. An ambitious young immigrant comes into the US, finds an opportunity, runs against the big dogs in the industry and emerges victorious -- cornering about 15% of the market share within seven short years. Chobani’s annual revenue was in excess of $1 billion in 2013. Not bad for a business that started with only a handful of employees. This must be make-believe, right? Well, rest assured it isn’t. The success Read more [...]

Working at Binjj – Why you should work at a startup?

I have been working in a startup named Binjj from more than 7 months now and my office has been my favorite place from last 7 months. So, I thought to put some light on why is it a good thing to join and work at a startup. Let me first explain what Binjj is all about: Binjj enables its consumers to explore live deals, what’s new on the menu, exclusive bargains as well as current happenings/events in restaurants, based on the user’s current location and time. On the other side of the Read more [...]

5 Reasons to Consider Blogging for Money

In today’s economy, everyone is looking for ways to make a few extra bucks. Blogging is just one of many options, but it may be the right option for some people. Of course, the reasons to start blogging are endless, but here are five reasons to consider starting a blog for money. Before I tell you to start your blog I want to warn that blogging is not that easy as it seems to be. You need to work hard and learn how to write and put your thoughts together. If I speak frankly every 9 out 10 Read more [...]

Twikster ups the e-commerce ante with its game-changing pricing model

13th May, Bangalore: Twikster, the one-stop-for-your-online-shop, announced the launch of their brand new pricing model, which is in line with their principal philosophy of making things easier for their customers (SMB’s). The brainchild of Namrata Soni and Priya Ramakrishnan, Twikster appeared on the e-commerce scene in 2014. What started off as a basic platform for small businesses to create their e-stores, has evolved into a sophisticated, solution-driven and user-friendly path to setting Read more [...]

Questions You Must Answer Before Investing in Time Management Software

Choosing time management software can be a critical turning point of your business. As with any purchase, the software you choose needs to fit your company. Otherwise, you may end up with a disaster that costs money instead of a solution that makes your team more efficient. To avoid this, ask yourself several questions before choosing time management software for your company. What are My Company’s Specific Needs? Before you can even begin looking at time management software, it is essential Read more [...]