The No. 1 Tool You Need To Master Your Google Rankings

Tiny Ranker is by many hailed as the world’s most user-friendly SEO tool and Google rank tracker. Tiny Ranker has removed the stuff that usually clutters up traditional SEO tools and kept the things that help your website rank well in Google’s search results. We took a closer look at the tool and how it operates. Tracking keywords With Tiny Ranker, it’s easy to track multiple keywords and their rankings. As keywords are added to the tool, the Google SERP rank of each individual Read more [...]

Tone, Voice, and Your Content Marketing Project

In order for your content marketing to be successful, it is essential that your message have the right tone and voice. Without the right attitude, customers may be confused by your message, or worse. They may not understand what your purpose is or what your company has to offer. To ensure that your content marketing is as effective as possible, follow these tips regarding tone and voice. Establish the Culture of Your Company As you produce content, think about the culture that your company has. Read more [...]

10 Twitter Tactics to Increase Sales

Twitter is one of the fastest growing social media platforms in the world. Everyone, from your next door neighbor to Barack Obama is tweeting their latest thoughts, news or interests. Twitter attracts almost every type of user, and everyone is looking for fresh content and ideas. But can Twitter be used as a sales platform? Can it be used as a launch pad for your next sales campaign? How can you increase sales with Twitter? Let's see some of the best 10 Twitter tactics to increase sales: 1. Read more [...]

Mobile Influencer Marketing: Latest Strategy to Attain Success in Business!

One of the greatest things about the Internet is that almost everybody is on there. If you’re a brand, you can reach an immense audience simply by logging in and clicking a button to post a picture. However, some brands need an extra boost to really get their marketing potential going. That’s where a new phenomenon called “mobile influencer marketing” comes into the picture. This new jargon might be unfamiliar to some, but the concept is actually pretty simple—and powerful. Mobile influencer Read more [...]

6 Content Marketing Tips for Small Business

According to statistics, small businesses are the slowest to adopt the latest content marketing strategies that larger, corporate marketers use. However, with SEO evolving constantly, it is clear that in order to remain competitive, small businesses have to create comparison guides, e-books, how-tos and other content products. If you are ready to ensure that your content marketing strategy is successful, then you need to implement the following six tips. Make and Investment in Visual Content There Read more [...]

Benefits of Contactless Payments

Contactless payments are a fast, convenient way to transfer money from your client’s account when they purchase goods or services. This can include the use of debit and credit cards, smart cards, key fobs, and more. They allow secure payments using near field communication (NFC) or radio-frequency identification (RFID). Including their high levels of convenience and security, there are several benefits to using contactless payments in your business. Speed Another benefit of using contactless Read more [...]