How Customer Testimonials Improve Conversions

How Customer Testimonials Improve Conversions Ever since internet marketing and e-commerce became popular, buyers learned how to be more discriminating than in the age of television and radio ads. As a consequence, there has been much push to do everything possible to increase e-commerce stores and websites’ conversion rates. After all, you are losing money if none of your visitors are buying anything. This is why you should include testimonials in your website. Testimonials can do wonders Read more [...]

5 PRO hacks online store can’t live without

Successful Internet marketing requires not only profound knowledge and modern techniques, but also a great deal of courage and intuition, to say nothing about hard work done every day. If you decided to start an online store, be ready for a long journey to the top full of traps and pitfalls. Must read: 3 Internet Marketing Lessons Marketers Can Learn One should understand that having an online store is not merely choosing online platform, nice theme and adding product info. First and foremost Read more [...]

Four Ways to Get Backlinks from Wikipedia

How to Get Backlinks from Wikipedia The statement that "Content is King" will remain forever, but if it's King then backlink is Queen and without Queen, King is incomplete. If you've good quality content with few high quality backlinks, then you're going to rock. But after the arrival of Google penguin, the game has changed; penguin proved itself a nightmare for link spammers and has cleaned all spam websites from the search results. Many are keep saying that "SEO is dead" but it's wrong, Read more [...]

WordPress Magazine Theme for Travel Blogs – TravelNews

I have shared one or maybe two WordPress Magazine Theme on my blog previously which I even used on OddBlogger. Today, I saw another WordPress Magazine Theme which I liked a lot and thought my readers will also like this. So, here I am sharing another WordPress theme especially for travel blogs. TravelNews is a premium WordPress Magazine theme from Magazine3. TravelNews is a magazine theme which captures the aesthetics and the style of a professional Travel portal & travel news website. Read more [...]

How to Write Compelling Content for New Products

Every product that you sell deserves a compelling description. In fact, your business very well depends upon those words to sell your products for you. Without a brick and mortar store, you can't rely on the physical product to promote itself. All you have are some digital images and your descriptions. While great images are important too, customers expect to read about the items they intend to buy. By writing informative descriptions that also effectively promote even the most mundane items, you Read more [...]

Video Maker – Marketing Video Production | MakeWebVideo Review

I always have been talking about the very important role of images and videos in business, blogging, marketing etc. Entrepreneurs are updating their advertising and marketing strategies according to the new Digital Market place. There are certain tools you can take advantage of, for your marketing strategies. One of them is making videos. Videos gives you the opportunity to interact with your customers by allowing them to get to know you and your business, and feel comfortable with you. Online videos Read more [...]