Twikster ups the e-commerce ante with its game-changing pricing model

13th May, Bangalore: Twikster, the one-stop-for-your-online-shop, announced the launch of their brand new pricing model, which is in line with their principal philosophy of making things easier for their customers (SMB’s). The brainchild of Namrata Soni and Priya Ramakrishnan, Twikster appeared on the e-commerce scene in 2014. What started off as a basic platform for small businesses to create their e-stores, has evolved into a sophisticated, solution-driven and user-friendly path to setting Read more [...]

Questions You Must Answer Before Investing in Time Management Software

Choosing time management software can be a critical turning point of your business. As with any purchase, the software you choose needs to fit your company. Otherwise, you may end up with a disaster that costs money instead of a solution that makes your team more efficient. To avoid this, ask yourself several questions before choosing time management software for your company. What are My Company’s Specific Needs? Before you can even begin looking at time management software, it is essential Read more [...]

What is Net Neutrality & What you can do about it [India]

"Net Neutrality", this is the word we can hear (see) on Internet these days on all social networking and micro-blogging sites. This is one of the most important topics on Internet. And now, it is for Internet users in India as well.  I have seen many of my friends, people on social networks who don't really clearly understand what Net Neutrality is. Before going to the main issue,  lets get cleared with some basics: What is Net Neutrality? Net neutrality (also Internet neutrality, or net Read more [...]

Mistakes People Often Make When Using an Online Faxing Service

We are living in an era that gives us many choices when it comes to communications like television, internet, phone lines, and, believe it or not, even faxing. With services like a cell phone plan, we search high and low for the best prices at the right quality for our needs. With faxing, however, it seems we just suffer with whatever cards we're dealt. Although we use digital formats for most documents, hard copies and signatures are still necessary. Online faxing has provided us the opportunity Read more [...]

3 Most Common Reasons Why Businesses Fail

A thriving business has a lot of benefits. There’s the appeal of financial freedom, the prestige that comes with running one’s company and calling the shots, the added benefit of employing other people and a host of other advantages. This explains why individuals get into business. Success in business is more about how well you can create a product or service that satisfies the needs of customers and clients. The ability to do this grants your business credibility, popularity, and financial Read more [...]

Digital Marketing Essentials

For small business entrepreneurs and ecommerce store owners, digital marketing is a must-have nowadays. This is because it has the potential to deliver significantly higher ROI at far cheaper costs. This, in essence, is the core of digital marketing. To understand it though, having a grip on the essentials is very important. This will provide you with the big picture and help you create a functional marketing framework where you can integrate all the elements for a robust and complete marketing Read more [...]