3 Resources to Find a New Niche for Your Blog


Lots of bloggers have blogs of their own that focus on how to make money with wordpress, writing tips and so on…

Once the blogger begins to realize they have the potential and skills to make money in the world of blogging, they start to think about other ways they can create new sites and make money in the process.

The biggest problem many of these bloggers face is that they simply don’t know where to start when it comes time to look for a new niche to explore.

Sure, it’s easy to build a “wordpress” or “blogging tips” site that you can build incoming links to through guest blogging, but what about a completely new niche… do you have the skills to venture out into the unknown and build a niche blog from scratch?

I’ve recently started my own create a blog follow along series that shows people how they can get started with their own blog and explore the world outside of “make money online” and “blogging tips” based sites.

When doing research for my case study I spent a lot of time before I finally decided on my next niche.

Here are some of the methods I used to find new keywords and niches you might never have thought about.

Search Engine Trends

An excellent way to find what people are searching on and any of the current trends going on is through the search engines. Google has “Trends” which features the top search phrases that people are searching for right now. Twitter has a similar feature when searching through their site and you can also take a look at what’s ranking well on Alexa. All of these sources make for a ton of under monetized niches and areas you can start a blog in.

News Web Sites

One of my personal favorite ways to find new hidden niches is actually by accident by looking through news articles on sites like Money.com. They create some amazing top lists for everything from education, finance and top places in the world to live. These are really great tools for when it comes to discovering new niches and blog ideas.

Keyword Software

Lastly, long tail keyword software is your best friend out there. No matter what niche you are going to be in, you are going to want to find out how many people are searching for keywords in your niche and what the competition looks like. When using keyword software you may even discover new niches that you didn’t even think of before. Before starting a new site you need to find out if you can compete with the top ranking sites for your specific keyword.

It’s extremely easy to start a blog of your own, but turning it into a successful and profitable business is a full time job.

Make sure you do all of the necessary research before going out and buying a domain name and creating content for your site. No one likes to do all of this research before hand, and it’s much more fun to create a blog than it is to plan it out, but in the end you will be much better off!


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  1. I think it is simple, but many people fall into “make money trap” and choose the wrong nice for something that they don’t understand or don’t like. I personally would go for blog that is related to my work or hobby.

    • Yes Carl, You are correct..For example, some people are simply choosing the niche inwhich the google adsense rate is high.This is a bad practice.One should concentrate on the area in which they are interested or experienced in.

  2. Things work very well and in our favor if one have the keen interest of exploring the current trends.. It is one of the best ways to generate content in a free flow..

    • I think, if something, someone inspires us, it’s natural. We cannot make anything inspire us. 🙂 Right?

      But yes, if we want to write on one topic for a long then we should choose the topic which inspire us the most.

      Thank you for stopping my blog, David! I hope to see you more often here. 🙂

    • Go for the long term keywords to greatly expand on the niches and topics you haven’t explored yet.

      If you have a blog on “blogging tips” use Google Keyword Tool to check all of the different search variations out there.

  3. Hello very good written post. Finding a right niche is the main thing you must do right before creating a blog.

    If you choose a wrong niche, you would quit blogging within few months because of no traffic or improvement.

    • Thanks, glad you liked it. I love starting new blogs, but have definitely learned my lesson to limit the niches and ideas I start, unless I have someone else to run the site and produce the content.

  4. Hi Abhi,

    I love this article, because you raise some good points: using the trending tool from search engines is a really good one (it’s also good for creating articles), keywords is another.

    I think what David said about being passionate about what you write is very important. If you aren’t interested in what your site is about, you will lose interest! Sally

    • I agree to both of you, if someone chooses a wrong niche or a niche which is popular in social media and blogosphere but the person doesn’t have much interest in it then he or she will not be able to write very good, and more often on his or her blog.

      Thanks for stopping by my blog Sally. Did you just see the post I have linked below.

      • Hi Abhi,

        Yes, I hadn’t read the one on 10 Awesome Bloggers from 2012. It is a really good post. I know I didn’t leave a message there, but I re-tweeted and share, plus followed you on your site.

        Hope all is well with you. Sally

  5. Hi nice post!
    @Carl, I think you’re very much right sir!
    No matter what our niche is, we must first make sure that we “know” the stuff deeply so that we can give the best to our readers.
    Im a newbie tech blogger and my niche is Electronic design which i’m good at being an electronics engineer myself 🙂

  6. It’s so important to keep on researching the trends as people use different words to search for different things over time. It’ amazing how they can change fast too and you have to be ready to make those changes on your site or your writing won’t be found. Great tips! I just started using webmeup software and really like it.

  7. Hi
    I haven’t used google trends sounds good a suppose you should look at keywords that are on an upward trend so hopefully your traffic source will be increasing not decreasing

    Great info thanks lee

  8. Hi
    Since leaving a comment I have been looking at google trends quite a bit especially when doing my keyword research and also I have been getting more inventive with my keyword research taking up a bit more time ok more than a bit but hopefully the rewards will be there in the long run.

    Great stuff thanks lee

  9. Interesting post, as well as looking for inspiration else where, i think niche blogs should always be about what a blogger is passionate about. Creating niche sites just to make money wont make people much money these days. Blogging is a long term strategy after all.

    Beth 🙂

  10. A really great post. Keyword research is the best way to find profitable niches. Another great site to get ideas for a niche or blog posts is 43 Things. This is where people write their own goals and share their progress. Really worth checking out 🙂

    Thnx Zac,

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