6 Hacks You Must Apply to Make Your Blog Professional

By Abhi balani :

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A question for my fellow readers.Look at my blog from top to bottom.Now tell me Do you like the looks of my Blog? The colors? Loading Speed? Alignment? I hope your answer is good.I have got very good feedback for my blog in terms of Systematised Looks,Content and widgets .These are the prime tasks to make your blog look like a professional.You need to take care about all these factors in your blog .So, I am going to share couple of hacks with my readers to which can surely help one to make their blog looks like professional websites.

You can get the tutorials for all the hacks mentioned below simply by clicking on it.

Here we go :-
(1) Hide Message Bar : Here I’m talking about the message bar which shows up the categories under which we are crawling..Whenever we click on any label or search from the search bar the message bar says something like this “Showing newest posts with labels Google”.I personally don’t like it.So better to remove it for more professional looks.

(2) Automatic Post Summary : If you open up my homepage what do you see? At least my posts preview length is not messed up.I have seen on many of the blogs,don’t use jump breaks or even if they use then the post preview varies for every post.You can use this Automatic Hack which automatically summaries your article to the defines number of words even with aligning the images and puts a Jump break with Read More link.With this the blog looks Clean and Elegant as well.Gives more professionalism to the blog looks.

(3) Sitemap/Table of Contents : It is very useful if you have much content with different categories.You can show all your content with their titles on one single static page.So there is no need for your readers to crawl every page of the blog for the required article.The readers get everything in the blog collected on one page.It will increase easiness for readers.

(4) Modify Comments Style : Blogger default commenting style is quite boring for me.Even difficult (i found ) to comment for non technical simple readers.So its very nice to change the comment box using services like Intensedebate or Disqus.Its gives you a professional style for comments with chain commenting etc.Go to the website,they will themselves help you with the tutorial.

(5) Add About the Author : Bad thing is blogger doesn’t gives a ready made widget or plug in for this like some other website.But the good thing is there is already a hack for this in blogger.Just a small customization will give you an About The Author Box under every post or any particular post.You can use this Box for your Guest authors as well,they will surely like it.

(6) Lazy Load Script : Don’t let your readers keep waiting for all the images to get loaded so that their browser start responding.Just a small script can help you in this.Load those images only which are in front of the viewers eyes.It may not work with all browsers now.But have a bright future ahead.

I think all these hacks are pretty necessary to make one blog look like a professional.If any problem/query regarding any of the hack mentioned above.You can contact me via the contact me page or just comment below.


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