Abhishek BalaniMy name is Abhishek Balani. I am a part-time blogger.  Friends call me Abhi and my blogger friends call me OddBlogger . A future computer engineer. I cannot describe myself in a single word. So, I am:

Funny; Geek; Simple; Installer; Blogger; Logical; Thinker; Software freak; Freelancer; Sensible; Dreamer; Undeniable; Escapist; Nerd; Impossible; Single Minded; Publisher; Non Political; Admirer; Hardware Junkie; Lazy; Respectful; Simple; Lover; Learner; Writer; Would be Computer Engineer; Gadgets Lover; Programmer; Internet Addict; RUDE; Unusual; Punctual; Informer; Imperfect; Unlimited; Unstoppable; Impossible; Caring ; Directionless;

My simplicity is my strength.

Personally : Caring Brother, Obedient Student, Loving Son, Trustworthy Friend.

Blogging Life : I started Blogging couple of years ago ( to be definite – it was January 16, 2011 ). It took around 3-4 months for me to understand blogging, blogging rules, blogging dos and don’ts and I still learn something new everyday.

My first blog, currently my technology + entertainment blog – geek.oddblogger.com on which I write about general technology, internet and computer tricks tips and more. The other is OddBlogger.com on which I wish and try to provide the best blogging and online marketing tips.

Now I have started working on two other blogs with the category I love the most:

TheDroidCafe.com – A blog about android, apple, iOS, windows, phones, tablet, leaks, rumors.

NerdsnGeeks.net – A network for nerds n geeks around the world to share solutions to problems.

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