Blogging Resolutions 2012 List : Every Blogger Should Make

We are in the last week of this year 2011. For some people, it is the last time we are spending our last week of the year, according to the story of 20-12-2012, end of the earth. This is the time to forget all the things we left behind and plan for an improved future. Every one is trying to identify the changes which they want to make in the upcoming year.

Being a blogger, for my blogging life, I have also made some resolutions for my blogging strategy or I should say the way I do blogging. And I think those resolutions should be made by every blogger to make their blogging experience better. The following part of the post includes some Blogging Resolutions I have made and why you should also make.

List of blogging resolutions 2012 starts here:

#1. Read more : It is almost one year when I started blogging. In starting, I used to read much more than writing anything as I was not familiar with the blogging do(s) and don’t(s). However, after knowing sufficiently enough I used to give less time to reading.

Blogging is not about just writing and publishing, its about reading other blogs too. Reading has enhanced my knowledge a lot (than before). And I have decided to continue my reading habit, or read more than previously I used to do.

#2 Give proper credits : Do you give credits to the respective owners in your article? It is not only for someone’s article you post in your blog but it also includes images, graphics, phrases and so on.

From where do you get pictures for your posts? Google images?, those images are also property of someone else. If you are using images from search engines without giving proper credits, then may be you are violating copyright terms.
So, in the upcoming year (I will) try to give proper credits to every one whose property I am using, whether it is copyrighted or not. Stay away from Plagiarism.

#3 Set goals : Why you are doing this? There should be a desire to achieve something. You should know where you have to reach. At the start of this year, set your goals and objectives.

What you want to get in the next year? Few of my goals in blogging for 2012 are: Get noticed in the blogosphere, less than 1M alexa rankings. One can also set deadlines for the goals. It will not let you lose your sight to your efforts.

#4 Time management : How about someone blogging actively for 1 month and then disappear for the next month? If this is the case, who is going to read our blog? Or just do blogging every time, everywhere and cut off from the life outside.

Time management is one of the most important things in our life. We need time management in blogging for different tasks. Some time for blog / article promotion, some for writing/reading and so on. In blogging, myself as a part time blogger, I will manage time for all activities, whether it is for my blogging or my family and friends or my studies. Every part of our life has some importance to make us feel happy and satisfied.

#5 Overcome Weakness/fear : Afraid of Google Panda? Or your site rankings, PR, SEO. It could be because of less knowledge about them. One easy method to overcome these is to know about them in details.Read books, articles, blogs about the things you fear, know about your fear, and you’ll see you have overcome it already. I have already enforced this on some of my fears, will work on the remaining.

#6 Be more creative : Start thinking out of the box than you (I) used to do this year. Creativity refers to creating something new with your imaginations. Observe different things, put it in your imaginative mind box, mix them together and get a single piece out of the it.

I have already started implementing on this. The image I used in this post is made by me. Not bad? This is where we can start being creative. Starting with small graphics can help much.

#7 Be more helpful : I really get annoyed when I open my inbox and get something like – “How to put automatic featured slideshow in blogger?“, without any Hello or Hi.

There are a lot of bloggers (or their site) which have helped me very much in blogging, a BIG THANKS to all of those. And I have also helped some bloggers, which was a proud feeling. But sometimes I felt a little lazy to reply all the small, some times funny queries. In the upcoming year I am going to be more helpful to all the newbies out there. Being helpful incorporates providing helpful content also.

#8 Make more blogging friends : Building relationship with other bloggers around the globe is really necessary. It can help in increasing readers to your blog by mutual sharing, guest posting and more. Other than giving you traffic, readers those blogging can give you blogging tips, advice, suggestions and much more. I have got a lot of blogging friends already and continue growing my list.

#9 Don’t be a newbie anymore : I think, I have already removed my newbie tag by blogging for one year and participating in a Blogging Tips contest. Participating in a contest is not only the single way to remove this newbie tag but one of the effective way to do so and get noticed.

For #9 one can add ” Participate in a blogging contest “.

#10 Speak like a professional – Be confident : How about an article with so may spelling mistakes? Readers can listen your voice in your writing. The way you write, the words you use and your tone. Writing with high level of creativity and full confidence can let your readers that they are on a trustworthy and professional blog. Confidence can be achieved by proper knowledge on the topic one is writing, good grammar and vocabulary.

I hope these resolutions can help me to be a Good Blogger and you to get some idea for your blogging resolution. Do you have some more? I would love to hear and add them to my list.

Happy New Year

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