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Blog promotion is being my favorite topic these days. I keep on saying, the place where you promote your blog or blog post matters a lot. So, sharing one more Blogging community or I can say it a blogger’s social network named BLOKUBE.

Blokube is an online community for blog and article marketing by Devesh. It allows it’s users to submit their blog articles in the blogging directory which are updated in the main category, that is Published stories, after getting some votes by other users in the community. Blokube is growing day by day and most of the top bloggers are there. It is a useful community for getting traffic, backlink, readers and specially newbies to get noticed.

Free Access

The site is free to sign up. After getting in one can submit his/her blog articles to the community in various niches, mainly there are Blogging, Business, Marketing, SEO/SEM, Soclial Media and more. You can submit your link, select the category in which you want your article with a little description and you are done. A voting button will be associated with your link, to let other users vote for your articles if they like it.

Submission in Blokube will submit your article under the upcoming articles tab. After getting some votes and response from other users the article is shifted to the published tab so that everyone can look when visit the homepage.

What else in Blokube?

Rather than publishing your articles in the community, you can be a part of bloggers social network actively. There are few more options to increase interactivity between users of Blokube.

  • Groups: Groups allow users to share articles with other members who share a common interest in a topic. You can join a group to submit topical articles that other members would be interested in. Some groups may require membership approval before you become part of the group. Other than joining groups, you can also make a group of your interest or topic if you don’t find that one in the directory.
  • Invite: The invite option allows you to invite you friends in the community by their email address. Anyone can join blokube. Invite all your friends and make an interactive group.
  • Activity wall: This activity wall actually let you know what’s happening among your friends like which of your friend submitted which article, who commented on which post and so on. It lets you know activity of your friends. Similarly, your activity will be shown on your friends wall. So they’ll know you have submitted a story or commented.
  • Recently Active/ Top Users:  Two widget boxes in the sidebar shows the top users and recently active users, which allows you to be viewed by other members in the community.
Moreover, users can: follow other users; know who is following them;
Blokube Pro

Later on, you can upgrade to Blokube premium. Blokube pro makes it relatively easy for you to be associated with the community. It gives you the ability to automatically submit your content to the directory.

Premium account gives you the following features:
  • RSS feed syndication: It allows you upto two unique blog feeds from which your article will be submitted. The article submission will be in every six hours.
  • Advertisement free: Blokube pro users do not see any advertisement while they surf the blogging directory. So, ads free browsing for premium users. It doesn’t exclude promotional messages from Blokube!
The upgrade can be made per month ($7.99) or once per year ($77.77). Upgrading for one year means you don not have to manually submit your links for one year, all your blog links will be automatically added to the community. Isn’t great?

Join in and meet me there.

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