How To: Differential Your Blog Readers with Folders


A two or three years ago, I have never believed how a lot of people had troubles to comply with their Google Readers. What are the reasons to subscribe a blog that do not you read? I guess you might have 1000 plus unread items. I have more than 1000 unread posts in my Google Reader today, and I completely understand the problem. So, the secret is to differential, and group the blogs collectively. However, there’s more than that. Here I’m listing on how to differential your blog readers with folders.

1. Organize By Topic

While developing my blog, I’ve come across many conclusions. A lot of them fly directly against the grain of the simple ideas of blogging technology. So, I began to put related information collectively. I think this works only when you want to search something again in the near future. Therefore, if I need to refer again to the post as time passes, I often “star” them. It may seem rational to set all the blogs blogging with each other, to collect all the social networking blogs in a totally separate place, and also have an extra part for tech related blogs. This approach doesn’t make a huge difference for reading. Whatever theme it is, I can’t view myself analyzing 100 topics on a theme in a single sitting. Now, it is possible to think of naturally. I do know where to put stuff and find stuff.

2. Organize By Priority

In case you only check out 5 blogs at present, then which ones you select first? How to differential your own blogs? So, the method in which I approach is to choose my commenters at Odd Blogger, presuming they have already blogs I’m curious about. Audience for example Holly Jahangiri from Jahangiri, Nerraj Rawat from ExpertsGalaxy, and Melissa Agnes from MelissaAgnesare regular visitors as well as commenters at Odd Blogger. So that they finally end in my “Blog Commenters” folder that is prefixed it with No #1 in order to make sure I browse their blogs on a high priority basis.

3. Organize By Quality

Hectic working hours, loads of files, schedule, task etc are a handful of the thing that almost all of us are aware of. Sometime things like this take toll on us and then we end up puzzled and end with messing up the whole thing. Those who are doing work in the field of blogging are all skilled with these sorts of situation where they notice it extremely difficult to organize their quality blog posts. However, it is extremely vital that you organize by quality and mange your blog in right way.

4. Sort out by Reading

In case your reading is very slow and also very boring, then you intend to do them much less. Right away, go on and push some of your favorite blogs into the folder, and also try to read all of them. If you’ve got an iPad, go for the “Feedly” app. It’s a good way to search a lot of blog posts very quickly. Also, you can get access to your reader updates via this feed, which is fairly awesome. Here are some points to note down: if you’re using a good reader application, for example, Feedly, any updates that monitor excerpt instead of complete post, will stick like a sore thumb. Don’t let this approach to your blog. You just improve your feed in order to display the complete content material! Otherwise, what’s the point to subscribe?


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