Every Blogger Should Know : What is Google Panda ?

Hello My Blogger Friends,If you are Blogging then definitely you would be worried about your Search Engine Rankings, SEO , Page Rank and etc. And for that you must be doing a lot of work , it may be Using excess keywords ,  copying famous articles or increasing your number of posts by content farming .
Time to Stop all this guys.
GOOGLE PANDA is here to keep an eye on what you are doing with your web-blogs or websites.
As it was launched in January 2011 but few web bloggers are familiar with it and and constantly doing what you are not supposed to do by google panda.(content farming,low quality articles)

Here is the article about google panda.

Firstly you should understand


  • Google panda is a new algorithm that works against the website that contains low quality articles,blog and simply copy and paste the description from other website to their website or blog to increase the search engine rankings and traffic.
  • This algorithm Helps google to identify about the content robbers who simply copy and paste images and articles from others without permissions.
  • Google panda helps the users to show high quality links in their queries relevant to their searched keywords.
  • Google panda will remove poor quality links and content from the top page results that is SEPRs.
  • Google Panda will remove or block/spam Blogs with a Content Farm.

These are the main points about google panda that i have understood in my googling .I hope this helped you in understanding google panda.If you want to add some more points best of your knowledge you are most welcome.you can post via comments or via contact form,i will update the post with your name and link.

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  1. Good and informative article.
    Do you know that Google Panda listed Digital Inspiration (labnol.org), one of the top tech websites in the world – as a content farm in February this year?
    I hope they sorted out the problem it was creating by flagging reputed websites as Content farms.
    Thanks 🙂

  2. @ Rahul Arora : Your welcome….and thanks for your appreciation….

    And i dint know about what you said about (labnol.org )…

    thanks for sharing…

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