[How To] Add a FeedBack widget to your blog / Site (images also)[Tutorial]

Hello Blogger friends,today i m gonna discuss,How to keep your readers to your blog ??? one answer for this is give them that content what they want and what they appreciate.SO you must add some widget to your Blog which makes easy and attractive to write their suggestions , advices , appreciation to you..
here i m gonna share a widget called FEEDBACK for your blog / site which will help your readers to attract to give feedback
The tutorial for How To Add a FeedBack Widget to your blog site goes here…

Login to your blogger Dashboard
Click on design tab->page elements->Add a gadget->HTML/JAVA script.
now paste the following code their

<a style=”display:scroll;position:fixed;center:5px;right:5px;” href=”YOUR_CONTACT-ME_LINK_HERE” title=”Feedback Please”><img src=”Your Feedback Image URL” /></a>

Replace the LINKS.And save it…

You should use some attractive images to show to your readers .i have some for you select from below.



  1. @ Victor Counted : Actually Contact me Link is like you have made a contact me page on your website ,where you have given your contact addresses,it may be your email addresses or profile links….you can see mine contact me page to get the idea…..

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