[How to] Add your Own Customized Subscribe Button to blog / website [tutorial]


The RSS subscribe button is so important for your visitors.your visitors can stay in toucn with your post if they wish or like your content.so it is a good idea to add your own customized Subscribe button  ..

So to add a subscribe button to blogger, you need to find a big, beautiful RSS icon. Download it and upload it to your image hosting services and get the URL.

Now to Add this subscribe  button to your blog or website follow the simple steps.

Login to your Dashboard.
Go to design->Add A gadget-> Html/Java Script. And paste the following code their.

<a href=”http://feeds.feedburner.com/networkinghelp” title=”Subscribe me”><img alt=”RSS Readers” src=”http://lh3.ggpht.com/_dzq0x75P67s/S-eNuEhHhAI/AAAAAAAABfo/pxusYgKjxu4/s800/feed-icon-orange-48.png” /></a>

Tip: Replace the highlighted code with your Blog FEED address .Replace Subscribe me With your msg for your viewers..Replace src value with your ICON image

Save it you are done…

Similarly you can Add a gadget for your readers to subscribe to your comments Just replace Highlighted code with http://YOUR-BLOG-URL/feeds/comments/default .. Replace src with your Comments icon Image..

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