[How to] Align your widgets in blogger sidebar [Tutorial]


If you are a new Blogger you’ll Love to Add new gadgets / Blogger Widgets in your blog..But a time will come when your Blog will have so many Blogger Widgets and it may happen that it looks messed up.which is definetly not good for your readers.your readers may annoy and move out of your blog.
so there is a simple way just to make your blog looks professionl is align your widgets properly.
So here in my Post i will share how to Align your widgets in your Blogger Sidebar.

Just copy code from below and paste it in any gadget you want to align.

  • Aligning to Left.

<div align=”left”>Your widget code here</div>

  • Aligning to Right

<div align=”right”>Your widget code here</div>

  • Aligning to Centre

 <div align=”center”>Your widget code here</div>

Replace Your widget code here text with your widget code and Save it.

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