[How to ] Avoid Spelling mistake in your Blog articles ~ Best Tool


Hello My Blogger Friends,If you are Blogging then You must have to write articles regularly to keep your readers live.A Good Blogger Quality is shown to the readers by the way he/she writes.
If one is writing about nice topics and a wrothy content but with small spelling mistakes in the article it leaves a very Bad Impression to the readers.And sometimes we unwillingly or by change mistake the spellings.
So it is really necessary to cross check what you are writing ,if there is any mistakes ,correct it.
An intelligent way for this is to Use a check spelling tool provided by Blogger itself.

The the trick is write you article as usual and then in the last ,enable the check spelling tool.(see the pic below)

When you Will click on the button all the spelling mistaked words will be highlighted like in the pic below 

After this you can click on the mistaken word , tool will itself suggest you or predict the word ,select the appropriate or correct the wrong one ,and publish your article without any mistake.

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