[How to] comment effectively on other web-blogs/sites ?


I recently wrote in my last article that Why you should comment on other web-blogs/sites ?.Now i thought to write about how to comment effectively on other blog.

Effectively in the sense,You comments should not be considered as spam,and not be deleted.With the comment the backlink is deleted as well.

In my last article i mentioned some points.The main point readers will consider that is it helps us in building backlinks.This trick is known by a lot of bloggers out in the Blogging World.So most of the bloggers comment on other popular sites with the phrase like,Great Article!!,Awesome post .,Nice article  and many more,which is just a formality to get a backlink.But They should know all are smart here.Those comments are considered as spam and deleted by the author of the article.

Never comment with simple two or three words and unintentionally .Comment if you really have to say something.For example,you can highlight on some point which you like the most,or you never knew about that.
You can add a little more (if you know) to the article via comment.or you can Add a link which is related with the article.

Now the main point comes that is

How to embed your article or Blog link in the comment?

You can add your link in the comment to get the traffic from the site you are commenting on.But it looks really ugly if you add your link with the complete URL.It will look like

It is very long link,will mess up your comment.You can stay away from this problem by just adding a little HTML code with your link.Which is 

<a href=”Article URL….”>Article Name</a>

Here replace your article link or blog link  with the Article URL…. and Replace Article name with your article name or Blog name.
Now you comment will look like simple text with the link embedded in the text.
Example :

Here Goes my comment on your Blog/site with Link to My Blog.

Note: this tricks works only in the comment boxes which accepts HTML.
Preview Your Comment Before Posting.

One more thing you need to care about in effective commenting is to Preview your comment before posting.By this you can crosscheck if you have mistaken somewhere,or the link is embedded properly or not.

Commenting more can surely give you more traffic by building backlinks.


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  1. This article is so great. I had no idea about back linking and now I am getting not only a better idea how it works but the value of doing them. I can't thank you enough for giving these good and helpful blogging tips. I'm new to blogging and need all the tips I can get. Thank you very much
    Abhi. I will be visiting very often.

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