[How to] Show SiteMap On your Blogger Blog [Tutorials]

Hello my dear readers ! A few days back i posted What is SiteMap?  and also wrote in it why it is important for a Blog.

When there are a lot of posts on your blog,it may be difficult for your readers to crawl in your blog for the required content.And one of the most important task in blogging is to make navigation easy for your readers.

One of the most important and useful hack which every blogger should apply for easy navigation is to show a sitemap or Table of Contents on the blog.

A sitemap or TOC  will show all the posts title links categorized by the labels together on a static page.

See the Sitemap of ProBlogging Here.

Now ,I will share how you can Show a Sitemap or Table of Contents on a static page of your blog.

Nothing complicated,you just need to go to your dashboard.
In posting section goto edit pages and click on new page and name it SiteMap or Table of Contents (TOC).

Go in Edit Html section and paste the following code their.

<script src=”http://www.abu-farhan.com/script/daftarisiblogger/blogtoc-min.js”>
<script src=”http://step2problogging.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default?max-results=9999&amp;alt=json-in-script&amp;callback=loadtoc”>

Replace Highlighted text with your blog address.And Publish it.

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