[How To] Use Links which open in new window [tutorial]

Hello bloggers,Today i m sharing something with you all,which we mostly ignore in our blogging.We often use LINKS in our posts,or our gadgets.When some visitors Clicks on that LINK he/she is redirected to the LINK page (Leaving our web-blog page).Do you think its is good ,like if people are in middle of our article and they got a link,if they click they will be moved to other page leaving their article…To get rid of this problem,we can use TARGET in our HTML codes….let me explain you…

suppose we have a link
<a href=’http://step2problogging.blogspot.com/‘>ProBlogging</a>
this Link will be opened in the same window but use the following type to use in your links
<a href=”http://step2problogging.blogspot.com/” target=”windowName“>ProBlogging</a>


_blank always opens a new window.
_self always opens in the current window or frame.
_parent opens in the parent frame, if any, otherwise as _self.
_top opens in entire browser window, even if there are frames.

Replace window name with the name suits you…

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