[How to] use sub and super script in your web-site/blog article.[Tutorial]

Hey Bloggers,I am writing this post article specially for those Bloggers or writer which are having a web-blog/site related to SCIENCE or Mathematics.Where they have to use Subscript and superscript so many times in their articles.Most of the new Bloggers which are not familiar with HTML much are unable to show their super,sub scripts properly.

For example

A blog related to Chemistry must have to write chemical formulas for their readers.So writing C2H6 will not look better than C2H6 .

So friends let me tell you for this you don’t need to be master in HTML.Just understand a little code and use it simply where you want sub or super scripting.

The Code Goes here

  • For Sub Script
<sub>text to be sub scripted</sub>
  • For Super Script
<sup>text to be super scripted</sup>

That’s all friends,you need to paste this code in your EDIT HTML section of your post article.And give a professional look to your text.
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