Keeping your blog in shape with 7 blogging tips


It is not just your body which needs to be in shape and be healthy all the time to perform best in whatever you do. Even your blogs needs to get in shape before it starts losing its charm. In order to stay healthy doctor’s advice that you don’t gulp in everything that you have in front of you, be selective about what you eat and how much you eat before it starts showing its effect on your body. The same thing goes with the blogs, if you start posting everything you lay your hand on then in no time will your blog lose out in popularity and you will be witnessing less traffic. If you have a blog about android like TheDroidCafe or and E-commerce site like OLX Tanzania then you should write about that specific category only not anything else.


So, here are some tips which will help you keep your blog in shape and you will definitely see a rise in the popularity –

  1. Concentrate on one sector – You need to understand what your users want and write accordingly. If you want your presence felt all over the place then you will find yourself nowhere within few days because that would mean low quality writing. Write good articles and limit your topics to some sectors because it is really hard to be Jack of all trades so concentrate on whatever you do the best and improvise on that to give your users some interesting articles to read.
  2. Have your own style of writing – Rather than copying someone else it is always better to have your own style of writing and spin some engrossing articles for the readers. Don’t try to make it too long as it is observed that long articles tend to use unnecessary words which hampers the quality of the articles. Instead keep it short and crisp so that the users are delivered with all the relevant information without wandering around with words.
  3. Highlighting will help – When you are writing an article if your presentation is not good enough then you will lose out on major traffic flow because even if your article is informative they will find it hard to read through. Highlight important parts; include bullets or numbering options and providing sub headings to catch the attention of the users so that they know what you are trying to say. They would find it interesting to read on.
  4. Adding color to the rich content – Your content might be great but it has to attract users first otherwise it won’t be of any use. So, here comes the need of colors because when you splash colors on your blog it gives a quite interesting look to it and people get attracted to see what is written. The colors must complement your article rather than putting off the viewers. They should be comfortable reading through the colors that you use.
  5. Let your passion flow through articles – When you are presenting your article it should reciprocate the passion that leads you to write that particular article. It should not only be some well written words put across the page because that would not be engaging enough for your readers.
  6. Look for those ads – The pop up ads are really annoying when you are so engaged in reading the article as it breaks your concentration. You might lose out on traffic so place your ads carefully.
  7. Speed up – If your page takes too long to load then you can be sure of one thing and that is losing out on traffic so speed up and retain your visitors.

With these simple tricks you will be able to put your blogs back in shape.

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