Kingston 2 TB Flash Drive | DataTraveler Ultimate GT

Kingston 2 TB Flash Drive

Tired of carrying your big hard drive because your flash drive doesn’t have large capacity. Sit tight, Kingston 2 Tb Flash Drive is on the way.

The new USB flash drive, the DataTraveler Ultimate GT, was announced by Kingston Technology during this week’s CES 2017 in Las Vegas.

2 TB is a lot of space for a pen drive. Kingston stays you will be able to store more than 160 HD movies. 160 HD movies in just a small pen drive is insane. It can surely replace your bulky portable hard disk.

If you remember, they launched DataTraveler HyperX Predator which had 1 TB of stogage storage space which was pretty expensive. And it is not clear yet what will be the pricing of this Kingston 2 TB Flash Drive. If it is going to be in the same price range or even higher, it will be left for nothing more than marketing gimmick.

Despite of the high price expectation, tech enthusiasts will definitely going to appreciate more storage and small size.

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