My first Blogging Contest Results out: I WON $250 (2nd prize)


If you don’t remember, I shared that I’ve participated in my very first contest : Blogging Tips 101! a few months back.The contest is over now. Results are announced in the official post. I think, I’ve shared that I won second prize of $250 in this contest, already. I was a little sad because I couldn’t finish it on 1st place (First place winner was my new friend – Hajra) and got 2nd place just before the end of the contest. But I’m not writing this post to share my winnings. I’m writing this post to THANK all those my friends who helped me to survive this contest. All subscribers, followers who gave me their valuable comments, LIKES, shares and Tweets on my post: Good Blogger and Good Blog: What are the signs?

Thank you all!

I’d like to thank Ms Ileane Smith for giving me the opportunity to write a guest post (10 reasons why I’ll not visit your blog) Β on her blog by which I got lots of points in comments. It was my honor to write on one of my favorite blogs and it was really good feeling to get a good response there.

Another school friend who has just stepped in blogging, Lovely Pratyush allowed me to write a guest post on his blog and get some points in comments. (If you are thinking how I did I get points from comments, forget it or just participate in a contest, phewww… it was tough.)

That’s it? Of course, NOT!

Now I’d like to thank the person who taught me the strategies of online contests, the tricks to WIN and motivated me whenever I felt down.

Holly JahangiriΒ has a big role in my victory. She supported me in the whole contest until I finished. Helped me in promoting my post all over the web. She introduced me to many awesome bloggers out there, allowed me to write two guest posts on her blog; 1) My scavenger hunt entry and 2) Post about an Indian Festival – Holi .

Now this post is for you, Mrs Jahangiri. THANKS A LOT. This is all I can say.

But guess what, now we are competitors. πŸ™‚ Yeah, we both have participated in Blog Engage’s Guest Blogging Contest 2. (Holly won the first one) Now she is giving me a tough competition by her post in which she revealed all her strategies to WIN.

And I shared my strategy, “How did I get 380+ comments on my first guest post?“. Have a look to both of the contest posts, leave your comments after you are done playing with the share buttons.
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Thanks to everyone who helped me in my first contest.


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