A Professional Twitter Bio is Magical


 Make it Magical

An ideal Twitter bio description is pure magic. Every letter of every word or character matters and differentiates winners from losers, or in this case, Twitter (and social media) wizards from apprentices. Honestly, there is no one way of creating a perfect bio, and the perfect one may not exist. I won’t say that mine is, however through Twitter use, I have come across what I do think should be included in a twitter bio. If you use Twitter for professional reasons, and not just to be funny and random, unless that is your business, then here are a few tips on creating a Twitter bio.


1. Be Inviting

Being inviting is another way to say, be personal. No matter if you are a CEO, the lowest person in the company’s food chain, or just eager to connect your bio should be one that invites interaction. “Invites” can have a very broad meaning, but in this case the definition I am after is more like driving this message into someone’s head when they read your profile: What an awesome person (I want tweets)!

Start with who you are:

  • The fresh prince of …(blogging, social media, etc),
  • A human being that…
  • Wakes up to…

When you fill in the blank do not use more than two words. What have you accomplished? Everyone knows what you do, but they also know or think that you have a sense of humor.

2. Areas of Expertise

“Wow, you are a blogger no way that is like the most random thing ever”. Sorry, but that is not what people are saying when you write that you are a blogger. Areas of expertise should focus on expertise within the niche. There is no topic, including blogging that does not have different realms and attributes to allow people to be unique. In Blogging, for example, do you create great content? Do you have the best titles? Is grammar your thing? Be specific and let your readers know what your best at.

  • For example: FB pages|Photoshop|Ghostwriter

3. Don’t state the obvious

Choose your words wisely, because you are going to run out very quickly. Just because you are not world-famous does not mean you need to state every little fact. If you are someone that opened with something personal and used some specific areas of expertise, don’t state that you are good with social media if you already stated that you work with any of the major sites in your “areas of expertise”. If I do FB pages, you know that I know a thing or two about how to do social media. If you place in location where you’re at then don’t say, “Just another New Yorker”…because no one likes a repeater. You don’t have to use all the characters available!

4. Call to Action

There are not a lot of characters available for use on the Twitter bio, and that is a good thing (being able to convey a point in less is an undervalued tool). There is no need to even expand very much here. You know what a call to action is, now just make it short and effective, so here are my favorites:

  • Follow for a better life
  • Uncle Me needs you!
  • Follow? Yes, Thnx!
  • Follow for Tweets (a,b,c) – one of the pluses of this one is that you also let fellow Twitterers what you will be tweeting about.

Wasn’t that interesting? You probably can do something to improve your Twitter profile, and it does not have to be an idea presented in this post. Take the ideas presented here and see how you could make other improvements. If you do go ahead and use these tips, then I’d love to know how it works for you, and which change you made (take a before and after shot).


  1. Hello!
    My problem – and the question that comes with it – may sound a bit offtopic, but in the end it is all about that “perfect bio” goal.

    Several years ago I have created a niche blog in my mother tongue, and, along with it, I’ve also created a Twitter account. Later, my interests changed a bit and I’ve left that blog in a “dormant stasis”, focusing instead on a more perosonal blog, this time, written in English. (Yes, I have decided to reach a larger public with my words).

    Now, I’ve noticed taht I have a problem (if taht can be considered a problem): my old Twitter account (the one created for my old blog) shows up in the top of the search results every time I google for my name.

    I forgot to mention that – since I’ve stopped posting on that blog, I’ve also stopped twitting on my Twitter account. So, its constant appearance in the search results is not only surprising, but also encouraging – it actually gives me an idea of Twitter’s real potential.

    So, I think that it should be easy for me to just revive that old Twitter account and use it for promoting my new (and more personal) identity by sharing my current blog and other stuff that are unrelated to that old niche.

    Yes, I want to to that, because my old account already has a good position in Google search engine. BUT, my ID, my account name on Twitter is not made up from my surname + family name fused together, (as it should be), but instead, is the name of my old niche blog!

    So, now I am in a big dilema. Should I delete my old Twitter account and create a new one, (and wait until Google “find out” of it), or should I keep using it, do it a face lift and ignore that @ActivistulVerde ID?

    I just can’t think of a bio right now, until I find a solution for this. What do you recommend me to do? (Do you think that I should do some tricks “swapping” the email address I use on Twitter, with another one?)

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