Register a Domain ! Why ? Why Not? When ?

Did you see the address bar ? is now .Of course, the feeling is very good after this.With the same blogger account my web-blog is now like a web-site.But was it really easy ? I met some problems ? This article is absolutely about all this.I was willing to share my experience with my blog followers that why i decided to switch to a custom domain ? Which problems i met ? and a little more.The article is completely about my experience and best of my knowledge.

Why ?

Firstly i would like to talk about Why you should spend your money and switch to a custom domain ?

  • SEO measures : As i always say SEO is a part of blogging.And for better SEO of our web-blog or web-site one should register to a Top Level Domain as it is preferred sometimes more than blogs in SEPRs.
  • Look Professional : Domain gives a professional look to your blog and also to you.You can be called a professional blogger when you have a custom domain.
  • Get a Unique Identity : Domain gives us or gives our blogging passion a unique identity in the world wide web.As now i call my self OddBlogger and my site is . Of course,its easy to call than cannot have a common domain name with another so you get an Unique Identity.Hope you got my point.
  • Seriously BloggingBlogging with a TLD shows your readers that you are really intrested in blogging .There are millions of blogs on different platforms.But all of them do not register domains for their web-blogs.
  • Easy-to-remember : It will be much easier for your unique readers to remember you blog’s domain name than complete blog address.
  • Attract Advertisers : Advertisers prefer TLDs than blogs to advertise about their product/service.

I think we all know very well about importance of having a domain.So now i would like you to discuss or you can say ,share my experience with you, that why  you should not register and point your blog to custom domain.

Why Not?

  • Loose your rankings : If your blog did well in a very little time and you got good alexa and PR .Then you are going to loose it.Like,my blog did well in first month and i got PR1 , in second month my alexa ranking was 280,000 , not bad in 2 months i think.But now things are changed as i have a domain with new rankings.
  • Loose Your comments : In blogger,they simply replace all the links of the blog URL with the new registered custom domain.And then,comment on “” will not be counted on “” as the URL is only replaced not all the comments are transferred.So if you got a lot of comments on your blog URLs then you’ll loose all if you point your blog to custom domain.(In Blogger)
  • Loose all Your Likes,Tweets,etc :  You will loose your likes,tweets,+1s etc if you switch to custom domain.It means if you ger 100+ likes on your article you’ll loose all of them.Its because Like is counted to a particluar URL but when you point it to another then it is a different URL so Like or tweet is erased you can say.
  • Start from a beginning : Looking to above points,after these you have to start from the beginning again.As you will loose all your comments,Likes, and the most important rankings.
So the question comes here, which is the right time to register a domain?
I pesonally think one should decide it before starting a blog.If he/she is serious in his/her blog.If he/she wants to make it live long.Or one have started it to make it a popular website or blog.
There are so many people out there who use to blog about their personal lives.I think they really don’t need to register a domain but a blog with technology related stuff should register a domain in starting of the blog because these type of stuff/content never ends.So have a big scope in its future.
Finally the conclusion comes that if one have a plan to buy a domain in future,then he/she should not wait for 2 or 3 months .Just grab a domain and then only start your blogging it will help you to avoid double hard work.One can ignore a domain registration if his/her blog is doing very well without it.

Happy Blogging my readers..I would like to see you comments.

Abhi - OddBlogger

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  1. Hey Abhi,

    I agree with your each & every point and am pretty sure that it would help several newbie bloggers who use a free blogspot blog to switch to a custom domain and see the magic of the same. You mentioned Strong reasons to buy a domain and I agree with all your points.

    Thanks for your Great Post.. .:D

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