Some very basic SEO tips for new websites


D? you w?nt t? kn?w what SEO ?tr?t?g? is ?d??l wh?n you ar? ?r??ting a n?w websit?? H?re’s a quick ti?: it ?s ?u?t the s?mpl? b??i?? you ar? ?rob?bly ?lr?ady do?ng w?th your ?xi?ting s?t?? ?r ?ven when ?ou ?r??te new web p?g?s. And k?ep ?n mind that ?our new ??t? w?ll h?v? to g?in th? trust of Go?gle, ?nd to achi?v? that y?u will h?ve to ?r?sent your webs?t? pro??rly.

Start w?th a ke?word r?s?ar?h.

Wh?n you want to b? f?und ?n the ?e?r?h r?sults, th?n your SEO pr?c?ss should begin w?th ? k??word re?e?r?h. It i? n?t ?ctually ??ur ?lanned w?b?ite that you need to ?n?l?z? to l?t ?ou kn?w wh?r? t? start w?th ??ur k?yw?rd sel??t?on, but th? m?rket ??u ar? targ?ting for it. F?r ?x?m?le, ?f your w?b?it? w?ll be ?re?enting ??ntent ?b?ut d?g ??re, ?our keywords m?ght be ‘d?g tra?n?ng’, ‘hou?? tr??ning’, ‘dog h?alth’, ‘d?g f?od’, and s?milar word? ?r t???cs.

Selecting a d?ma?n n?m?.

Ther? ?r? tw? ?opul?r wa?? in ?h????ng ? dom??n n?m?, ?t i? really b??ed ?n y?ur ?r?ferenc?. Th? f?rst one is using th? ke?w?rd that ?ou hav? p??k?d to ?ptim?ze ?our w?b??t? w?th. The only pr?blem w?th th?s is oft?n the domain n?me would ?lread? b? t?ken du? t? th? p?pul?rit? ?f m??t h?gh l?vel k??w?rds. Th? n?xt ??t?on i? to use y?ur ?wn c?mp?ny ?r brand nam?. If ?our nam? ?? uniqu? then ch?n??? are the d?main name i? still av?ilabl?. Wh??hever you cho??e, ?lwa?s g? f?r ? sh?rt and ?a?? to r?m?mber doma?n.

Keyword ?l???m?nt

N?w that you hav? ??ur keyword?, the n?xt thing you ?h?uld do i? to ?ut ?t ?n th? right pla??s ?n ?our web?ite, a b???c SEO ?trateg? followed by ?ll ??tim?zat?on sp??i?li?ts. You ?hould st?rt w?th th? t?tl? t?g. Man? search ?ngin? ex?ert? ?laim th?t the titl? tag alon? w?ll greatl? help y?ur webs?te in th? ?yes ?f th? ?e?r?h eng?ne?. Y?u can ?ls? u?e ??ur k??words in th? n?v?gati?n l?nk?, howev?r do this onl? ?f it make? perf??t s?n??. And wh?le ?t ?s ??nsid?red ?s n?t a? ?m?ort?nt as b?fore, ?t ?s al?? a g??d pr?ct??e t? ?ptimize ?our met? des?r??t?on tag. But d? not go ?verb??rd with ?t. Ju?t tw? senten?es w?ll ?ft?n b? ?nough.

Install G?ogle Analytics

It is often h?rd t? ?v?lu?te th? ?ucces? ?f s?m?thing ?f you c?nn?t mea?ur? it. And th?t ?s where G??gle Analyt??? ??n h?lp ??u. Basicall? it will giv? you r??orts on th? numb?r of vis?ts ?our w?bsite i? gett?ng p?r d?y, ?n?luding th? ke? phras?? ????l? ?re u?ing to f?nd ??ur ?it?, and al?o wh??h of y?ur w?b ??ges are m??t ?o?ul?r. Fr?m th?s? r???rts ?ou will kn?w wher? y?u ne?d to im?r?ve and what k?yword? you should includ? in your se?r?h engin? o?timization. Of c?urse y?u c?n alway? use oth?r anal?t?cs ?oftw?re ?r s?rvices, but th? ?mp?rt?nt th?ng ?s you should use on?.

Thes? ar? s?me ?f the basi? ?teps th?t ??u ?h?uld in?lud? in your own SEO str?tegy wh?n ?ou ar? creat?ng a new webs?te. And ?ince no tw? web?ite? ?r ?nl?ne bu??n????? ?re th? ?ame, you ar? ?x?ected to make ??ur ?wn ?h?nges ?r add?ti?ns to the?? ?ro?esse?.

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