Things to consider while starting educational blogs

Educational Blogs

There is always a first time to everything yet we are scared of this first time scenario. There was a first time when we took started talking or writing back in our childhood. So, when the first time phase is over therefore we should not fear now about writing a blog. Yes you might be new to blog writing experience but you are not new to the writing experience so just start jotting down your thoughts and after few pages you will see that you’ve got the flow and have started talking sense.

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Educational blogs are no different, here you are sharing your ideas with the world. It is not about how intelligent or good student or teacher you are but it is basically a platform for all people who think that they have some ideas which can be helpful to others. Don’t keep your thoughts to yourself just because you fear criticism. How do you know that you won’t get appreciated for your effort?

Here are certain things which you must consider while writing the educational blog –

  • Stand for what you think is right – If you think that there is something which needs the attention of the masses, then put it across your blog and wait for reaction. Even if you get flaked by some don’t get dishearten and be strong enough to put your point across, the most important lesson you will learn out of this is whether you have the ability to engage your users or not. If you are successful then it will boost your confidence and you will get motivated enough to bring out more such topic through which your users will be benefited.
  • Remember your fan base – When you are starting to write your blog just remember whom you are writing for! If you know why you are writing and who you your users are then it will be easier for you to come up with topics which will be educate not only your users but will also challenge your thoughts. While doing your research for the topic you will also learn a lot of things and that way you will be enriched with loads of information at the end of the day.
  • Feeling jittery to start – It is just blogging, which means sharing your ideas and thoughts with others. Either you will get to help people or there will be much more knowledgeable person out there who will help you improve the content so in both ways you are the one who is getting benefitted therefore, don’t be afraid to put those words out there in the blogging site for the world to view. Everybody improves with time and you will also improve but if you never start writing then how will you enhance your skill!
  • Be open to criticism – Constructive criticism really helps so be open to that. It will take some time to get used to it but when someone criticizes something about your content then read through it to understand the point for which you were criticized. If you think that the criticism was right then improve on it and next time come up with a better one else just ignore but don’t stop writing.

With all these tips you can start educating people through your blogs. Now just select the blogging tool like WordPress, Tumblr, Edublogs, Weebly and there are various others and put your thoughts across. You will soon realize how much you have evolved since the first day!

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