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Hey Bloggers.Hows your Blogging going?

One starts Blogging then other than writing articles some other works are also important in blogging like Promoting,SEOing and a little more.

I wrote about What is SEO ? and general 5 beginner SEO steps for New bloggers .

Now we will go a liitle in deep of SEO .I am gonna Discuss about Sitemap today.

So first question is

What is SiteMap?

  • Sitemap is a way to tell search engines about your pages and links on your web-site or web-blog which are not know by the search engines , or we can say that  pages missed in crawling of bots.
  • In Simple you can say Sitemap is a document or file containing the list of pages or links on your site.
What is its Significance / Importance ? 

Now the question comes is What is its significance ? Why its is important ?

the answer is 
  • Sitemap helps Search Engines to know about all your pages and links on your site which are not indexed in normal crawling by bots.
  • Obviously it helps us in better SEO.
  • Mainly Sitemap are very useful to site with non HTML language or Flash Sites.
  • Sitemap tells bots that your site has dynamic content.(updated frequently).
  • If your site has so many pages/Links not linked with each other.Sitemap tells about the linked pages to the crawlers (Bots).
  • It helps our URLs in better SEPRs.
I think now you got a clear picture that what is a sitemap,how it helps us in better SEO.I’ll soon get back to you with more to do with sitemap.Dont forget to Subscribe to our FEEDs or LIKE us on Facebook.
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