What is Standing in the Way of Your Blog’s Success?


You have a blog all set up and are ready to share your knowledge with the world. You start writing information that you think will be interesting to readers. Your blog gets some readers, but not as many as you think you should be drawing. What could be standing in the way of your success? Well, you could be unwittingly doing some things that are keeping you from being successful.

One of the biggest turn-offs for readers can be if a blog is written without attention to rules of grammar. You need not be a professional writer but it can be difficult for a reader to understand what you are trying to convey if you have blog posts riddled with grammar mistakes. There is nothing wrong with putting a little personality or voice in your writing, but it is wrong if that voice is confusing. Run-on sentences, fragments, and mistakes in verb tense can make your blog post go from being a brilliant piece of useful information to one that readers might not even care to finish.
You can often omit some of the grammar and spelling mistakes in your writing if you simply do a read over once you’ve written your post. Write your post and go back to read it once more to make sure you haven’t made any glaringly obvious mistakes. Ignoring one or two rules of grammar can make your writing endearing if it is done for a purpose. If it is done because of lack of attention, readers may not be drawn to your blog, no matter how good it is.
Another issue with your blog which might keep you from being successful is when you don’t really have anything to say. Some days you might not be feeling very inspired. It happens to all of us. On those days it is best for you to wait for inspiration or try to find some yourself than to ramble on about something that is not interesting just for the sake of putting up a post.
Your blog is meant to be a way for readers to connect to you because you solve a problem they have or you provide some kind of value. Your readers want to hear your personality in your writing. It is a touch of personality that keeps readers coming back for more. Just throwing up a blog post without any real purpose can make readers ignore what you have to say.
Another thing that might be standing in the way of blogging success is the actual design of your blog. If your blog has design flaws, visitors might not want to return. No one wants to suffer through pictures that are overlapping text or other similar issues.
It could also be a problem if your blog is overly cluttered. This could be distracting to readers searching for information. Blogs overloaded with banners, buttons, and even social media icons can make readers decide to find another site for the information they need. You don’t have to spend a boatload of money to hire an expensive designer. You can ask other bloggers who did their blog design and find someone who offers a price you can afford. But you should never neglect the importance of having a clean, easy to read blog design.
Not every blog is going to be a success. Do you want your blog to be successful? If so, don’t neglect the importance of a well designed blog. You should also make sure that every time you write a post you have something interesting to say that will make your readers want to come back for more. And by all means, do not neglect editing on your blog posts. While there is nothing wrong with ignoring a grammar rule or two in order to give your blog some personality, you do not want your blog posts riddled with errors that make it hard to understand what you are trying to get across to readers. If your blog is not as successful as you’d like, see if any of these issues may be standing in the way of success for your blog.

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Abhi Balani is the owner and editor of OddBlogger.
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