Working at Binjj – Why you should work at a startup?


binjj_logoI have been working in a startup named Binjj from more than 7 months now and my office has been my favorite place from last 7 months. So, I thought to put some light on why is it a good thing to join and work at a startup.

Let me first explain what Binjj is all about:

Binjj enables its consumers to explore live deals, what’s new on the menu, exclusive bargains as well as current happenings/events in restaurants, based on the user’s current location and time.

On the other side of the coin, Binjj is a real-time marketing platform for restaurants. Binjj gives restaurateurs the freedom to inform consumers first hand about events, discounts, deals and exciting happenings in their spaces, in real time.

I was very much interested in working at a startup because  I have always heard good things about the kind of environment, growth, learning they have at startups. And here at Binjj, I have experienced it very well. I joined here as an Android Developer but I have got my hands dirty with other domains like web development, UI/UX design etc as well. Now, why is this good? Because I am able to use my skills other than Android Programming. And that obviously helps polish and improve my other skills as well. In fact, everyone here works in a collaborating way. We all give our inputs in different tasks.

We are a small team and focused toward building the best real-time marketing platform for the benefit of consumer as well as merchants.

Last month, we got two candidates who were interested to join us as interns and they also have shared their experience.

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My experience of working with Binjj – a start up has been great.

The best thing what I find about Binjj is that there is no hierarchy. Every individual is treated equally. The environment of the work place is what keeps me going. Unlike the other companies, Binjj has an informal atmosphere where in all the people work with their comfort level. This place has helped me questioned my own existence and my purpose in life. It has given me a push to think about that one purpose which I want to accomplish in my life. It has enabled me to become a confident individual who has learnt how to handle different situations and approach different individuals.

In fact it has encouraged me to think of starting something of my own once I am done with my Graduation. It is a place for the young minds to explore the unexplored, chase the not chased and unlearn the learnt and make a new way for them.

– Sunalika Jain


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It’s my first experience working as an intern in a startup company. I wasn’t aware of Binjj earlier until my friend Sunalika told me about it and shared her experience working at Binjj earlier. While she shared her experience with me, it really made me interested in interning at Binjj.

When I came here, the kind of environment that is present I would say is very cool and relaxing. Like, even if you have a lot of work to do you don’t feel that pressure of doing the work. The best part I like about working over here is the Chess board that’s kept in the middle of the office for any of us to play when bored of doing our work or just need to freshen up.

As far as the work is concerned, I really find it to be interesting because the kind of work we get is something in which we need to show how creative we are and is all related to marketing, which is the field of my interest. Everyday there is a new task that we get and is different from the previous one. Also the best part I like about this start up is that they consider everybody to be equal. There is no hierarchy. Everybody is treated equally and nobody is called sir or ma’am. We call each other by their names.

I don’t have an experience of working in a non-startup company so I don’t know how it would be different from a startup. But one thing that I feel is that working in a startup enhances everything that you do, because you get the opportunity to do a lot of different things. Your ideas and opinions are given more importance and it adds more value to yourself is what I feel personally.

Working in a startup makes me more efficient and helps me expand my responsibility and knowledge. In fact startups actually push you to identify and focus on what’s absolutely critical, forcing you to think more creatively about how you approach projects and create value. I feel that I’m learning a lot working in a startup because everybody is required to wear multiple hats and do the work.

– Aarshiya Bhatia


Be a part of Binjj

You can also be a part of Binjj. Right now, we are in beta stage and testing our application, you can register on our site and we will let you know once the product is launched which will be very soon.

You can also join our team. We are looking for PHP Developer, Marketing/Sales Managers. If you think you can be a part of Binjj in any way, you can contact me at .

Happy Blogging and Happy Binjjing.



  1. Hello Abhishek,
    I came to know about oddblogger just half an hour ago, nice and educational blog posts, bookmarked it for future.
    I’m also working with couple of startups, it’s always to be a part of startups, there is always something thing to know.

    thank you

  2. Awesome story. Nothing better than working scared and uncomfortable it help you grow!! Just curious where did you start off as an android developer? And what part of the web development process do you enjoy the most?

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