3 Characteristics Of A Lousy Guest Blogger

A blog is like a Pizza – A mixture of many things. Guest Bloggers are the Crushed Pepper Pieces! They Spice It Up!

That quote just came out of my mind, and I wrote it down before it comes to someone else’s mind. But for me, how true it is! I guess it’s true for you too, if you’ve allowed guest bloggers to spice up your blog(s).

Being blog owners, we all love guest posts on our blog(s). Following are some primary reasons why (If you’ve got more, I’d love to read them! Hook them up in the comments section) –

  • We start building relationships which always help us in some way (you might realize it sooner or later)
  • We get more engagement and traffic on our blog (as a result of powerful social sharing by the guest author)
  • Our blog becomes more active as a result of more posts, and some more.

The title says that this article is about the characteristics of a lousy guest blogger. So let’s get back to the main point and following are three primary characteristics, which I think, a lousy guest blogger follows and proves that he/she is exactly what that adjective means – disgusting.

1) Knows How To Write, But Doesn’t Care Reading

You must be wondering “Reading What?”. I’m referring to the Guest Bloggers Page, or simply put – a Write For Us Page. (Visit OddBlogger’s Write For Us Page). The process of this characteristic goes somewhat like this –

  • Lands on your blog. Looks at the design and other stuff.
  • Hovers over to the Navigation Menu and clicks the “Contact Us” tab, which is right next to the “Write For Us” tab.
  • Fills up the contact form requesting to be a guest author and provides a link to his blog/site.
  • The contact form contains something like this –

Hi. I want to write guest post for your blog. My Blog is (something). Please make an account for me.

A newbie blog owner would be like “Okay. Here’s an account for you”. But a professional blog owner might have the following expression –
guest blogger

Even after mentioning on the “Write For Us” page (that too in the easiest language), that if someone wants to guest post, he/she has to register for an account by themselves and a link is provided there.

But no! Our newly landed Mr./Miss Guest Poster is so busy to read all that, you know!

This even ends up the guest blogger not following many important guidelines.

2) When? When? When? When? …When??

Here comes an email – “I’ve submitted the post for review. Please review it”. So here goes a reply from the blog owner’s end – “Hi There. Hope you’re doing well. Alright, I’ll review your post and let you know. Thanks” (See the difference between the etiquettes?)

Here’s comes another – “Sorry. I’ve edited the post. Bolded the headers. Please see again”. The blog owner replies (now with a straight face) – “Hi there. Sorry I was running late yesterday, hence wasn’t able to review your post. But don’t worry, will do it later today or tomorrow. Regards”. (You’re allowed to laugh on that red word).

Here’s the annoying one from the guest blogger – “Hello. Please tell me when will my post be published.” The owner is now annoyed and speaks in his/her mind “Oh Sorry Sir. I forgot that I’m your secretary who has to tell you about everything before it’s done”.Β But the original one goes like this – “(The greetings) … Your post will be published by the weekend. Just to let you know that it is mentioned on the blog that the guest blogger is notified one day before the post is published. So don’t worry as you’ll be notified too.”

3) The Best One Is Always Single

“Now who’s the best one?”, you must be wondering. Well, after all that email drama, the post of the guest blogger is finally published. It starts receiving a good number of comments. Β Mostly, many positive comments pass the following message (in different accents) – “Thumbs Up. I agree”. But there are a couple of them, or a few of them which have a previous or a present story with the topic being discussed on the post. Those comments, according to me, are the most valuable ones hence I refer to them as “The Best One(s)”.

So our Mr./Miss Guest Blogger gets somewhat, or too much confused when reading those comments and finally comes to a conclusion of not replying them! Or leaves something like “Thanks for commenting”.

Along with the blog owner, even that commentator (the best one) must be thinking “Seriously? I didn’t comment for the sake of it”.


It doesn’t matter how well the post is written by that guest blogger (because he/she MIGHT have bought that post from freelance article writers). What matters is how the guest blogger proves the name – “Guest Blogger”.

Something like this happened with me too (As a blog owner, not a guest blogger please!). What about you? Do you have any stories to share? If so, don’t hesitate to share it because of the following reasons –

  • My friend Abhi (the blog owner) is kind enough to keep the comments section open.
  • No one has a right to interfere your opinions/views.
  • You’ll make us love you!
PS You might be interested in reading one of my articles titled –Β Amazing Guest Posting Benefits For New Blogs

Raaj Trambadia

I'm an active person looking for nothing more than simple ways of enjoying my life. I do not believe in following the routine procedure of waking up, work/study, eat and sleep. I try to live the life which is hidden somewhere between these words. I try use a part of my brain and write on my blog called My Blog Is My Money.


  1. Raaj, I’ve about given up on guest bloggers.

    Only 3 things? You could make this a series. Most of the folks who claim they want to write for me (donate free content they spun up in their article spinner software) aren’t even actual people. And one that looked halfway promising sent a post that was so inappropriate for my blog it was shocking and laughable. This, after I’d given guidelines – and suggested reading a few posts (of course their query indicated that they had, and gushed about how much they loved my blog).

    So right – tell me you’re a writer, but show me (clearly) that you can’t or won’t read. Act unprofessional about the whole submission/revision/publication process (oh, love your scenario – nothing like an eager pup demanding to see their post published).

    As for replying to comments – I think that should be spelled out in the agreement between the guest blogger and the host. While I believe most bloggers understand the value of subsequent interaction, many freelance writers don’t – it’s additional work that should not be assumed. If I sell an article to a magazine, they don’t then send me letters to the editor to answer. You see what I’m saying? Rather than establish some basis for animosity, get agreement on this part up front, and specify the expected time period. I’m not going to follow a blog for years unless it really interests me – but what’s reasonable? Two weeks, for most posts, seems reasonable to me (though to be honest, I usually DO stay subscribed to any of my guest posts indefinitely, I won’t always see new comments once they start trickling in one or two a month or fewer). As Abhi can tell you, he sometimes has to get my attention in IM, too, because the “Notify me of follow-up comments via email” thing doesn’t always WORK.

    I like your crushed pepper analogy. Mainly because I love crushed peppers on my pizza. Now, if I could just find a guest blogger who wasn’t like crushed peppers that were opened three years ago and left in the pantry to lose all their heat…

    • Hola Holly! Don’t give up! I’m there for you! πŸ˜€

      Similar things have happened to me. One fine day, a post was awaiting my review. The title was “Free WordPress Themes vs Paid WordPress Themes”. Just by looking at the title, 20% of the acceptance rate was cut-off by me!

      And if you look at the article, you would be like “Dude! I read all this way back in 2006!”.

      So you know, these type of guest bloggers just write for the sake of backlinks.

      About staying aware about the comments which weeks or months later, WordPress has made it damn easier and that’s why I love it! You know, whenever I get a Guest Posting request directly from the contact form, I straightly ask them to create an account on the blog. I then upgrade their account to ‘Contributor’ level, and you know the process then!

      So I make sure they fill up the profile well. Hence, I try to make the whole thing as perfect as possible.

      You need spicy guest blogger? Try me!

      • Abhi, does your friend Raaj know what he’s in for? πŸ™‚

        Here’s my policy, Raaj. Query first. Show me you’ve read my blog and understand what my audience might be interested in (hint – usually they merely tolerate me when I’m on a metablogging run – they DON’T actually care to read blogging tips from my blog, for the most part). Then write. Proofread. Proofread again – even more carefully. Submit. Expect revision requests.

        But the #1 criterion for me? Be yourself and don’t be boring. πŸ™‚

        Seriously, I’m a professional writer. I don’t mind giving new writers a shot and I don’t even expect their posts to be “publishable” by traditional media standards (we’re all friends here, and networking matters more to me when it comes to guest posts). But it’s GOT to be readable and interesting and relevant to my blog. And if I have to spell it out, that’s a problem – considering my goal is to totally dominate the “no-niche niche.”

        • Hmm! That’s a big deal, you know, that you have a no niche blog. But whenever I want to or have something to write other than blogging and gadgets I can think to go your blog’s way.

          I was feeling bad that I didn’t write about the occasion I mentioned you last time. But also, I was kinda busy then.

          And this is also true that it’s difficult to choose a topic for your blog to write on. And then get YOUR approval. πŸ˜€ LOL!

          • You still can write that one, you know. It may not be as timely, but it will still be informative and interesting for MY readers – they’re not so familiar with the topic. So, deadline on that isn’t as important as it might be for one of your local blogs or magazines.

            Yes, getting my approval’s tough – you have to be willing to work at it and make revisions. (Too much editing is too much like work, for me – and I blog as much for fun as anything else!)

          • Oh – and I’m going to assume you are not an expert on US politics, but if you were hoping to place a guest post (basically for the backlinks to a commercial site) on MY blog, how would you go about determining IF a political post was appropriate, and what slant to give it? πŸ™‚

            Yes – that’s an actual question. Say that in my guidelines to you, I say, “Just about anything goes – family, books, opinion – just read a bit of my blog and send me something you think would be a good fit.” You think, “Oh, hey, it’s an election year, so politics would be good – I have an opinion on that!” What do you do next?

          • P.S. “Ask you” is too obvious. Pretend, for just a moment, that I’m unreachable and you can’t or don’t want to just ASK.

        • Yah, I know it’s pretty tough to join The Google Team, and Holly’s Blog πŸ™‚

          You know, for me it all started with a personal blog (maybe I’ve said this in a conversation with you on BE)…and then I got so much into blogging that I was forced by myself to start a niche blog.

          But Holly, trust me, whenever I’ll attempt to write on your blog, I’ll write it the next day something interesting happens in my life. When I write in a no-niche blog, I always write something that I’ve experienced myself.

          You know, even if I get paid to write about homosexuality, I wouldn’t write because I have no experience (and don’t want it either)!

          So the ‘Be Yourself’ factor will be strong enough, whenever I’ll write πŸ™‚

  2. This just made my day
    A blog is like a Pizza – A mixture of many things. Guest Bloggers are the Crushed Pepper Pieces! They Spice It Up!
    I do guest post on a weekly basis, my advice is make sure you’re an authority on your own blog before going out and spreading your articles. It will make your site stand out and build your brand.

    • Hahah πŸ˜€ Thanks Harley. You’re damn right. It’s like, you dream to become the head of your school one day, and you’re scared to participate in the school elections!

  3. Hey Raaj,

    Loved your post.

    The main annoying thing when it comes to accept guest post is that they never bother to read “GUIDELINES for guest post”.
    I mean, why I have written a long page information there? For fun or self satisfaction? NO! But to make it work easier.

    Many of those guest post, which I do not accept now, comes directly to the inbox. I don’t know from where they get email address. And if we don’t reply they come back after a month and ask if we have published the post or not. huh?

    I have mentioned in my guidelines page that I don’t like to see commercial links, the guest should have a real Gravatar and they will have to send me a message after registering on my blog. But who cares? I guess, real guest bloggers care for all these kind of stuff.

    Thanks for the awesome post, Raaj!

    • Cheers Abhi!

      LOL! Something like that happened to me. You know, there’s a post which is published on my blog, I actually got that one as an email. Well, the post was good enough.

      So I was ‘free’ enough to guide that person to create an account on my blog, fill up the profile, and submit the post for review from there πŸ˜€

      Haha πŸ˜€ You know, even you should try that. Just ask them to go through your ‘Write Here’ page, and it might work πŸ™‚

      And yeah, I hope you’re not embarrassing me because even I was late to contact you to upgrade my account πŸ™‚ Haha πŸ˜€ You mentioned that point in a PM πŸ˜€

      • Why would I embarrass you? You are my friend, I know you, so, basically, I know you are not a SPAMMER. That’s it. That’s why I upgraded your account without getting your acknowledgement.

        That upgrade message thing is for those who aren’t in my friends list and I don’t know anything about them. You know what I mean. πŸ˜€

  4. Hello Raaj,

    I am not a guest blogger but have experiences similar to those you mentioned in this article. It is very harsh to be so lousy after the guest blogger must have pestered the blog owner for posting his ad. Later, the scene changes to the ones as expressed here. Pathetic state of affairs. I am really thankful to you for throwing light onto these irritating factors. A lesson to be learnt.


    • Hi Amit. I wonder why do you say that “I am not a guest blogger”! I’ve seen many posts from you around the blogosphere.

      Pleasure. Cheers

  5. A newbie blog owner would be like β€œOkay. Here’s an account for you”. But a professional blog owner might have the following expression

    Hahaha you mesmerized me here with that image…

    Insightful points Raaj.. you’re going great.

    And thanks to Abhi for featuring the post πŸ™‚ Cheers guys!

  6. This definitely captures about 80% of the people who write me asking to write a guest post. I have such a nice guest posting policy on the one blog I do accept guest posts from and yet almost no one reads it. I mean come on, sir/madam, “webmaster”? Please! My name’s in the policy. And not coming back to address comments, especially when I tell them that’s a requirement? Ugh!

    • Hello Mitch,

      It’s really nice to see you here. I was just thinking, how should I ask you for a guest post on my blog so that you don’t take it in a wrong way. LOL!

      • Well, I only accept guest posts on my financial blog, where I have a guest posting policy. I have had guest posts on my IJS blog, but only from people who have participated on the blog for at least a year. That way I pretty much can assume those people will come back to respond to comments. Otherwise, it’s only me, and I certainly have plenty to say.

    • That’s the short definition of a “Lousy Blogger” Mitch.
      LOL, I’ve not yet been called a ‘Webmaster’! But yeah, after all, they’re almost bots! Just that they visit your ‘Contact’ page and copy-paste stuff manually. Thanks for the comment, and Abhi has asked you a question here lol πŸ™‚

  7. I’m thankful I don’t have to deal with many lazy guest bloggers. I have specific guidelines they have to follow and to be honest it’s a lot of work to get set up, most of the bloggers you don’t want guest blogging skip these parts and don’t even bother ti’s rather funny. Also if I get random e-mails asking if I accept guest blog article I do not reply I simply delete them. I have a link right on my website that says write for us. if they are to lazy to find and read it I don’t want their guest posts. I have better things to do like find time to manage my day.

  8. Hello Raaj,

    I could write an epic 5000 word post about this topic! Not just three, I have many more rants. I have actually totaaly given up on guest posts and when I do want people to be writing for me, I get in touch personally and ask them whether they would do a guest post for me.

    I have had such annoying requests that it is getting tough for me to discuss where to start. There are so many who don’t read my blog and keep asking me to write guest posts for me. I had a offer from a furniture design blog to post on my blog! That is not remotely close to what I discuss on my blog. Just because it is a personal blog, you can’t come and expect me to publish your whatever post on it!

    Nicely written! Have a nice day!

    • Hey Hajra

      Your way of working is actually good. Asking ‘good’ people to write something for your blog is indeed great.

      Hahah πŸ˜€ You should’ve told that furniture guy that he’s reached the wrong address to deliver the goods πŸ˜€

      Thanks for passing by!

  9. Raaj This article is a great read! However, I am faced with an issue with regard to guest blogging and I hope you can help me. 2 organizations have already contacted me and asked if I am willing to accept guest blogs from their writers. They did not suggest any monetary compensation on their email but since these are companies who are earning online from their products/services offered, I feel the need to charge them for the guest blog. If only they have personal websites, which is related to my niche, I would accept their guest blogs for free.

    So my question is this: Can we also ask for monetary compensation for accepting guest blogs from companies? If so, how much is the normal rate for a guest blog?

    Hope you can shed light on this matter. Thanks!

    • Hello Linda,

      Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope to see you here more often.

      What I would say in this is, YES! I do charge to companies Basically, it depends on their link. If the link is pointing to a commercial site where they are selling any product or service then I charge for links otherwise, for personal blogs, I don’t. Of course, the content should be completely relevant to my blog and they must follow some guidelines like replying to comments and stuff.

      If the links are pointing to commercial sites then those are nothing but ADVERTISEMENT and who gets advertisements for FREE. You can see my Write Here page, I have stated this thing there as well.

      Well, it’s up to you that you want to charge or not, and how much if you do. Depends on your blog reputation.

      Lets see what Raaj will say in this matter. I am looking forward… πŸ˜€

      Keep visiting.

    • Hey Linda. First of all, sorry for late response.

      Now that’s one question that gets my attention. You have a point that you should charge companies who want to guest post on your blog as they’re getting much benefit from it as well (backlinks). It’s no harm asking them for a price to get their post published.

      If you follow weblogbetter.com, you can see that Kiesha recently changed her guest posting guidelines and now charges $40 for each post provided any non-regular writer on her blog. (FYI, she just wants to keep about 20 regular guest posters on her blog for now).

      So I can say that the price depends on your blog. The PR of your blog, the traffic and engagement that you receive.

      Hope that helps. Let me know if you have more questions. Will be happy to answer. Regards

  10. Hello Raj,

    Another great awakening post from you. Being lousy is not going to hurt the blog owner. The only one who has to bear the brunt is the guest who posts. If he is not serious about his posts, he had better not write. This way he can save the time for himself and for the owner of the blog too.Guest posting is a memorable experience and we should not lose it being callous.


    • Great words Sanjib! Guest posting, especially the early ones, is a great adventure in itself and it should be enjoyed and not taken as a duty or job.

  11. Haha, Interesting post Raaj,

    I’ve found it little late, but don’t want to miss my chance of leaving a comment here. πŸ˜›

    I don’t have much experience with guest blogging, but the following characteristics is must read for me.

  12. Hahaha :). You mentioned the reality in very funny way. The guest blogger wants to make sure that his efforts are not waisted and the post is published correctly on right time.

    But I think blogging is all about “Trust”. This kind of thing is done be some mis-trusted guest bloggers. Otherwise I think we can have trust one anyone having good blog, presence in online communities.


    • True Adil. I guess I’ll now need to have a chat and get to know any guest blogger that I accept on my blog! Like a short interview, probably! LOL


  13. Just yesterday, I got a pitch from someone who didn’t even take the time to edit what was so obviously a β€œform” email. I’m not making this up. It really started, β€œWe at [Name] recently came across your blog and were excited to share with you an article…” !

    Another thing I wish people would do before pitching their guest posts would do (and reading my blog regularly would probably help) is look at the tone and feel of my blog. I don’t go for formal, rigid, humorless writing, yet I still get posts that clash with my style and are more like academic papers.

    • Maybe that same person found my blog on his list Shamelle! I got one today!

      But gone are those days when guest blogging was an art! It’s a science now!

  14. Hello Raaj,

    I don’t know, you remember me or not, but once I called you Raja- and that’s true matching your spirit. I think too much guest blogging is going to get attention from search engines. It won’t be surprising, if the latest Google algorithm updates start taking guest blogging as spam.

    • Hey Santosh! Yes I surely remember you πŸ™‚

      Thank you for your kind words, appreciate it.

      Wow! If Google starts taking guest blogging as spam, then I guess I’ll have to quit my blog!

      Let’s hope Google doesn’t do the same. Cheers!

  15. Hi, Raj, I want to ask one question, Hopefully you will guide me.

    I have a blog in Fashioin & health niche, Blog Google PR is zeo and Alexa is 226K. I know its very low Rank, but now due to busy schedule I have started receiving guest posts. So what you say, Is this going to destroy my blog’s ranking or traffic???? or it is something fairly reasonable???


    • Hey Adil. Sorry for the late response, but better late than never. I just had a look at your blog, and can suggest that putting up guest posts would actually be an advantage! As the readers will get a new writing style, which will be a great thing!

      BUT, make sure the articles are ONLY about your niche i.e. Fashion and Heath.

      All the best with the same!

  16. Hi Raaj,

    I do not think all the points are valid.

    First and foremost, in certain blogs, there’re no pages for guest blogging, then certainly if anyone would wish to write for that blog, then he might have to use the contact form.

    In fact, in various blogs, it is also mentioned that you can directly contact us via contact form or send us your ideas at this email address.

    What in such situations! It’s pretty obvious that I would use contact form or that Email address.

    As such, you should mention in the article that this situation caries from blog to blog. However, it can happen with some people though.

    About the second point, When? When? When?

    Is there any ‘wrong’ in saying that I have submitted the guest post. In fact, the person who is mailing the same to the blog owner is also saying ‘Please’ in the mail. Again if someone sends the mail about the changes he has made, then it’s not something that reflects to professionalism. Since there’s no ‘wrong’ in notifying about the same to the blog owner.

    If I write for any blog sacrificing my previous time, don’t I even have the right to ask that when my post is going to be published? I know some people who do not even care to reply there guest bloggers for months.

    About the third points,

    I can see 2 comments above me who are awaiting reply since a weak. What say?

    In the nutshell, I just want to say that all points do not need to be mandatory since in any certain situation or even during any uncertainty, it won’t be always mandatory that the person is a Lousy Guest Blogger.

    Although I liked your ideas you shared in the post but you should clear mention that these points vary as per the situations.

    • Hi Kuldeep.

      About the blogs which don’t have the pages, they MIGHT just not be interested in publishing guest posts on their blog.

      Now if they are, they would have a podcast or a video. An example of this case is BasicBlogTips.Com, where Ms. Ileane clearly states ALL the guidelines that one has to follow before she could have a person as a registered guest blogger. I guess she asks the blogger to show previous examples of guest blogs (not self-blog posts).

      So everyone has their own guidelines, which when not followed annoys the blog owner.

      About the second part, if you would please look at the example again, it shows that it was already mentioned on the guidelines page that the guest blogger is notified before his/her post is published.

      Now yet if the guest blogger is over-excited about the post, he needs to just, you know, relax and take a coffee.

      About the two comments, maybe I was just busy (still am) πŸ™‚

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