4 Reasons that You Shouldn’t Cut Corners on SEO

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a vital part of any Internet marketingplan. You must carefully choose keywords related to your business and your customers’ needs and sprinkle them throughout web articles as well as in your meta-tags to get listed in Google and attract customers to your site.

Some websites offer “shortcuts” to SEO in exchange for money. Don’t get fooled by these sites, which are mainly scams. Most SEO shortcuts drive customers away from your site and keep you from being ranked in Google because they are ineffective and don’t provide customers with the useful content that keeps them coming back to your site.

Enhance Your Credibility

Many so-called shortcuts to SEO actually make your business look unprofessional or illegitimate. Common shortcuts to SEO include using fake Twitter or Facebook accounts to promote your links and get more back-links credited to you. These methods are usually associated with spam or scams.

It’s not professional to keep spamming your link; even if customers don’t think you’re trying to cheat them, if they see you posting the link too many times from too many different accounts they’re going to suspect that you can’t get traffic using proper channels.

It’s easy enough to open a real Twitter account using your own name and interact with people over the Internet in addition to sharing your links, so there’s no reason to bother with fake Twitter accounts or other dishonest SEO methods.

Save Time and Money

SEO shortcuts simply aren’t effective, and some of them require you to pay large sums of money in exchange for nothing of value. For example, some link directories will list your link in exchange for a fee.

However, these link directories really don’t help your SEO because they are just lists of links with no relevant content. Search engines ignore them, and human visitors may consider them akin to spam.

Instead of spending money to be included in such link directories, you might want to consider paying a freelance writer to write an article on a topic relevant to your customers. This will be more likely to generate the type of traffic you’re looking for and is thus a better investment.

Get Ranked in Google

The simplest reason not to cut corners when it comes to your SEO is that you need good SEO to get ranked in Google and drive traffic to your site. If you try to take shortcuts, chances are that Google and other search engines won’t even pick up your website, let alone rank it anywhere near the top of search results.

This will make it harder to get customers to find your website. The bottom line is that Google’s algorithms purposely exclude anything that appears to be spam; that’s why stuffing your content with keywords or including your site in links directories doesn’t help your SEO and may actually harm your ability to get ranked by Google or other search engines.

Get More Customers

Remember that the purpose of any type of SEO activity is to drive customers to your website. So anything you do needs to help achieve that goal. Most SEO shortcuts don’t help drive traffic to your site because they don’t provide customers with anything of value. Customers won’t want to look through pages of links or read articles full of keywords that don’t provide them with information they’re seeking.

If you want customers to visit your site, you need to provide them with content that they find useful, professional and enjoyable. Instead of cutting corners with your SEO, take the time to provide unique, enjoyable, and most of all useful content to your readers to attract customers and get those highly-coveted search rankings.

Author Bio: Amy O. is a free lance writer covering all kinds of topics from online content marketing to car insurance apps. She has also worked on a free weight loss calculator to help people achieve their fitness goals.

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  1. You listed some good points. There are many Newbies Bloggers who dont take SEO as a important thing. I think we should follow seo to get good search engine rankings.

  2. Hi, I think these tips would help me and several other bloggers which would help in understand the importance of SEO and performing it too..

    Thanks for the great article. 🙂

  3. I think the most important reason is that you are obviously going to get way more customers in the long run. Why not take the time and do it right so you always have a good never ending stream of traffic? Now that is where the money is. :]

  4. Even with the recent Google updates, SEO is one of the highlights of successful blogging. Changes simply altered, just spamming does not work, you need to build links from authoritative resources

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