4 Simple Tips To Succeed As A Blogger

Blogging is not just a simple 7-letter word but it is a very deep thing. Blogging is a very easy task but at the same time it is very difficult. Bloggers who know about blogging, the basic things about it, who are well aware of the working of the blogosphere will always shine out as a blogger. On the other hand there are bloggers who don’t know what blogging is and are just blogging for the sake of earning money. There is a third category of bloggers who are very serious with their blog but are not able to embrace success. I am one of them. So I want to share some simple tips that will help you make a better blog and thus you will get success.


These are some of the tips I accidentally found and tried to follow it and believe me I am now more serious about my blog than before. So I wanted to share it.

1) Write what you know the most

This thing you might have heard on each and every blog because it is the most important thing. If your blog don’t have quality content then all your efforts to make a successful blog are futile. Even if you are very active on social sites, then also you will just get failure if you don’t have good content to gift you readers. So, decide first on your niche, ask yourself what you are good at, then make yourself aware of the topics that are the most searched on the internet today and only then start blogging. This will be the first step towards your career as a successful blogger.

2) Improvise on your knowledge

If you are really good at something then it won’t much face much problems. It’s good to blog about what you know but sometimes many people, in-spite of having a deep knowledge in the topic, don’t know how to present their knowledge to the world. It may be because of the use of bad English or some grammatical errors. Or may be you have knowledge but not complete. So save it for the future. In the meantime improve your knowledge so that you can provide something to your reader from which they can benefit themselves. Be fluent in English and avoid grammatical errors. Have a look the writing tips by a professional writer.

3) Adapt yourself in the blogosphere

This is the basic rule of the nature. In order to survive, you have to get adapted to the environment you are living in. Otherwise, God help you. The same theory applies for blogging world. You have to get yourself adapted to other bloggers in the blogosphere. You will come in contact with some probloggers that are willing to help you if you are in trouble; and there will be some bloggers that will constantly criticize you and be jealous about your success. (Until now, I haven’t come across any jealous blogger. Every blogger I come in contact with are always willing to help me and reply to my queries very fast. I hope that there won’t be any.)

Adapt yourself and become like one who gets motivated by positive feedback and get even more motivated by negative feedback.

4) Overcome the hurdles

You will face many challenges in the beginning months of blogging, but don’t get unmotivated by such hurdles. Nothing can be achieved without any problems. But converting such problems in your own benefit is the art which one should learn. You won’t get immediate benefits even if you are doing some hardcore promotional activities for you blog. Such things show results only after people know who you are. So first you have to connect with other bloggers and socialize with them, help them with their issues. You won’t get successful, if you haven’t experienced failure. Transform the hurdles into the stepping-stones of your success.

I hope that above points would be useful for fellow bloggers out there. I have seen the benefits after applying all those in my blogging stint. Now I am blogging more seriously than ever. I hope you will feel the same. Happy blogging.

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Arbaz Khan

Arbaz Khan is a tech blogger from India who writes at BigBigGeek.com. He recently started sharing latest Bluehost coupon codes on his new site where you can find the best Bluehost review.


  1. Nice tips Arbaaz,
    It is very difficult in earlier days of blogging you must be committed to overcome the failure you will see in your earlier days, my advice for beginners is just concentrate on building your blog with great stuff don’t bother about the other things like traffic and money,
    just write some good stuff for six months and when you have good quality content than work on your traffic and monetize your blog

    • Completely agree with you Javed.
      If you will have some great content for your readers than you will definitely get success and thus more money.
      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  2. When i was going to start my blog at that time people say me that create a website which has high paying adsense keywords but at that time i started blog in which i have total interest. So personally i feel that interest matter.

    • You did right Mohsin ….
      Blog to provide your readers some great content and not for money. If your readers will be happy then money will follow you without any effort from your side.

  3. I don’t know why but when ever a new blogger wanted to start a blog its very difficult for him to choose a niche and that’s why lots of bloggers fail when they choose wrong niche.

    • Completely agree with you Zeeshan.
      That’s the biggest hurdle a newbie faces. Choosing the niche is the most difficult task. But after successfully choosing a niche he can surely become a successful blogger 🙂

  4. yes only concentrate on what product you are delivering and good knowledge about that. It will help u grow very fast.

  5. That’s a nice share…but you must give your visitors interesting content..if you can provide that..you don’t need anything more…Thanks for sharing the post…

  6. All points that you mentioned in this post is legit. I like number 1 and number 2 the best. I think those are the 2 main points that every blogger should start with if they want to be successful.

    Also passion plays a big part. If you aren’t passionate about this blogging then you won’t have much success.

    • Hi Kharim,
      Its good to see that you liked my post.
      And yes, ofcourse, being passionate towards blogging is a must if you want to succeed in blogging.
      Thanks for your feedback.

  7. One of the most important challenges before a blogger is figuring out how to enrich and add value to the audience and in so doing to stand out from the pack in a meaningful way.

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