5 best WordPress plugins for ecommerce sites

So here are the 5 best WordPress plugins for eCommerce stores with which you can create your website and provide a great online shopping experience to your customers.


WP e-Commerce

So the first one in the list comes to be WP E-Commerce plugin which is the most popular WordPress plugin. It was the first eCommerce option being offered by WordPress itself which comes up with some wide variety of features and functions. It is provided free of cost which comes up with flexible coupon codes and other free shipping stuff. It also has the integration with most popular e-commerce payment providers and much more. We can easily purchase upgrades and add ons with this plugin to customize it well as per our need, like adding up of extra payment gateway and other additional shipping stuff.


Next one in the list is WooCommerce which is a free fully functional WordPress plugin that consists of various libraries of premium upgrades. This plugin is very easy to use for customers. Other free features of this plugin includes; Order and Product inventory management, sales reports and other coupon campaigns with proper customer account area. It also has a control over your shipping and tax charges.


Now comes JigoShop, which has everything you need to run an ecommerce fully fledged website. With its proper maintained widgets, shortcodes it is easy to use and having detailed reporting of each and every stuff. Other features include; one-page checkout, inventory tracking and related product displays. It is available free of cost with lots of free extensions with an availability of some premium themes and extensions too.


eShop is the next plugin in the list of five most popular e-commerce plugins. This eShop plugin has been downloaded by more than half a million people worldwide. It is available free of cost, very easy to install with full compatibility with wordpress like it can help you create product landing pages and other custom posts pages as well. Other features include; discount options ,customer accounts, selling downloadable content ,multiple options for products and much more.

Quick Shop

Now comes the last one in the list which is Quick Shop, which is super fast and quite dirty ecommerce plugin that comes with hell lot of functionalities. It consists of built in support for paypal and email which is very much beneficial for ecommerce stores. With this plugin, you can easily add products instantly with TinyMCE button with which we can also displays customer’s current cart’s items into the sidebar. It also helps in creating dropdown lists with a lot of other product options and other stuff.


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  1. I haven’t seen many using wordpress platform for creating ecommerce sites. My clients never asked me to create ecommerce sites on wp and i dont know the reason, Thanks for pointing out some of the top ecommerce plugins ..

  2. My better option for my ecommerce store recently and also chose WordPress and on of the most flexible and quick to set up and woocommerce, because seems to be one of the best plugins for it with vast free and premium enhancement options. thank you for your collections

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