5 Reasons to Consider Blogging for Money

In today’s economy, everyone is looking for ways to make a few extra bucks. Blogging is just one of many options, but it may be the right option for some people. Of course, the reasons to start blogging are endless, but here are five reasons to consider starting a blog for money.

Before I tell you to start your blog I want to warn that blogging is not that easy as it seems to be. You need to work hard and learn how to write and put your thoughts together.

If I speak frankly every 9 out 10 fail with blogging. Only 1 blogger is going to succeed and it is because blogging is no cake walk.

Therefore if you want to start blogging then pay a serious attention to it and learn following 5 good reasons to start it.

Improve Skill Sets

To some, writing a blog is simply that: just writing. However, some people know that blogging can improve a large number of different skill sets. New skills (or even old skills improved) could include graphic design as new templates for the blog are created, improving writing skills, learning and perfecting SEO (search engine optimization,) and marketing or advertising the blog.

Over time, this could be highly beneficial to a resume and help the blogger land alternative jobs including paid writing gigs, guest blogging gigs or perhaps even landing their dream job.

Moreover, never ignore your English. Learn new words daily, if English is not your first language then master the grammar. You need to read all other blogs from your competitors and focus on improving your writing skills.

Self Sufficiency

Blogging for money often means hoping to reach a point where the blogger becomes self-sufficient and no longer needs their day job. Dedicating time and energy to a blog may not pay off right away, but it may in the long run lead to self-sufficiency. Though self-sufficiency and being able to pay the bills may not stem from a single blog, it may lead to an inner drive that allows the blogger to find additional paying gigs.

If you are not sure where your blogging is headed then do not leave your day job. There must be a plan B if somehow blogging fails.

Be the Boss

A huge perk many people desire is to be their own boss. This allows them to set their own hours and reap the rewards of their own hard work. Being the boss means setting their own goals, working at their own pace and setting their own deadlines.

However, there is a problem; you tend to become lazy and easy going because you don’t have any pressure from your boss. So you need to develop a work culture for higher productivity.

Pay Bills

Even paying just a single bill, such as the cable or cellular phone bill, can feel like a great accomplishment when it’s paid for by blogging. Over time, the blogger may be able to pay larger bills such as the groceries, the winter heating bill or perhaps even the monthly mortgage. Just keep in mind that making useable amounts of money can take time.

The good thing about blogging is that at least you can pay your bills. You may not be able to buy a house or a car but you can run your groceries.

Passive Income

Over time, a blog can create passive income: income that comes even if little to no work is put into it. Of course, passive income only occurs after hard work has been invested since the beginning. The beginning of a blog could be anywhere from a few weeks to several years, depending on the blogger’s ambitions or topic choices.

Making a few extra dollars from blogging is a no-brainer. In the long term, blogging could potentially pay off, literally! Many reasons exist for blogging for money, but none will matter if you don’t have a passion for your work.

I suggest you to take blogging as a serious career option because in the beginning it might not pay well but if you have patience to work hard then blogging can buy you a house and a car too.


Pritam Nagrale is a blogger & internet marketer from Mumbai. He writes about online business, make money online tips, work from home ideas etc. you can read his articles on MoneyConnexion He also provides Career Oriented Classroom Training from his Mumbai office. You can follow him on Google+ .


  1. Yes Pritam you are right i am also love to blogging and write blogs on free website but not looking to earn money ways. But not i think i am also go for earning as part time. thanks for great idea

  2. All your points, if done successfully, will give the writer more confidence. Which then leads to more sales, more money and more practice (improving speed and ability), which leads to more confidence… and the cycle continues. Such a wonderful way to work

  3. Hi PRITAM,
    I love to read and write blogs and not for earning money for me. you have share a pretty good idea about blogs how to earn money from it. thanks for sharing important tips for us

  4. The only thing is, don’t bother starting unless you are seriously committed, it will take a long time and will not be easy unless you have tons of money to throw at it without looking for a return. You need blogs, social media, seo, content and other things in order to make it successful. If you are going to start then best of luck and remember it won’t be easy…….especially to make enough to live on! BEST OF LUCK!!

  5. Pritam only one word masterpiece. I am regular reader but this post for me was useful and informative. Thanks a lot. God bless you.

  6. If we work for money in blogging field then we will not get quick sucess , so in my view to get sucess dnt value money

  7. blogging can be one of the easiest way to get money online, but not the best way.

    i agree that you can pay your bills. but when regarding the internet that is growing, you’ll have more competitors by the end of the day. keep on writing, get new ideas for new topics, seeing what meets the current trends, doing SEO stuffs, get the best keywords, etc., that is work. so i kinda disagree that it’s a good passive income because it involves continuous work 🙂

  8. I like that you mentioned that blogging is not easy. There are many new bloggers that dont know how SEO or blogging works. They think they can just copy content from other website and earn money. Its way harder than they think and it takes time to build a good blog.

  9. Impressive article. All the 5 reasons are wonderful for making money through blogging.
    Thanks for sharing.

  10. Great post! Would love to see something on how to monetize a blog effectively. I just discovered your blog and am excited to read more! In fact you may already have a post on that topic so I get to check out the rest of your site! Thanks for the good read.

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