5 Ways To Make A Comeback to Blogging After A Lengthy Absence

Every now and then people quit blogging for various reasons, but only a few decide to make a genuine comeback to blogging.

Making a comeback to blogging after a lengthily absence is like starting a record from the halfway point; you simply don’t really know where it’s going to play from and what song, in reflection to blogging, kick starting a blog that has been in dormant for a length of time can leave you scratching your head wondering where should you make a start.

No need to worry folks, here are some top tips and suggestions to help you get your dormant blog back up and running on full power again, and for you to make a grand comeback to blogging.


5 Tips & Ideas For Making A Successful Comeback To Blogging

1. Time to update everything

OK, so first of all before you do anything else, you’re going to have to update quite literally everything. If you’ve not logged into your blog’s dashboard, assuming you’re running on WordPress, then no doubt that you’ll have to update your version of WordPress and any subsequent plugins too. If a plugin is no longer maintained or has become obsolete, then consider getting rid of it.

Don’t forget updating WordPress, your theme and plugins is just the start, you should also think about updating some of the content on your blog, especially if they no longer provide much value to your audience, so make plans to update the content where required.

Also don’t forget to check when your hosting account will need renewing, it might sound like a daft thing, but it’s better to be safe than sorry, and also knowing when to renew your web host is always reassuring.

2. Write your ultimate ‘come back’ post

Now that you’ve updated everything, it’s time to write your killer comeback post. Write about the reasons why you took a break from blogging, just to refresh everybody’s minds, and what your intentions, your ambitions and objectives are for making a comeback to blogging.

Check everything then go ahead and publish it on your blog. Take necessary action to promote your comeback post on social network sites and any blog community sites that you are a part of.

3. Notify everyone

Let everybody, namely your direct audience; know that you’re back and that this time you mean business!

Visit your Facebook page and post a link to your comeback post, send a tweet, introduce yourself to Google+ (Only if you quit blogging before the G+ phenomena).

Email your blogging colleagues and let them know you’re blogging again and whether they can do or provide you with anything to help you get the most out of making a big comeback.

If you have an email list, let everyone on your list also know that you’ve made a comeback to blogging, and that you will be updating them via email frequently once again; this will also help you to identify who wants to stay on your list and who doesn’t.

4. Get a blog design overhaul (Optional)

I mentioned update your theme in point one, but how about giving your entire blog an overall redesign and layout? How about changing your current theme?

You don’t have to go out and spend hundreds on a custom theme, consider investing in a more robust and quality premium theme, especially if you’ve been using a free theme that’s probably gone past its performance by date. If you plan to upgrade your theme, find a theme that is mobile responsive, (optimized for wireless devices), and organize your internal links more effectively such as menus and categories and tags, add new features and improve general user experience.

5. Get up to scratch

Finally there will no doubt be a lot of stuff that has changed, or stuff that you need to refresh yourself on, so get up to speed with all the latest blogging and social media trends, especially if you’ve been absent from the blogging scene for a long while.

Ensure that you visit all the blogs that you once use to and start reading them frequently again, post questions to other bloggers in your niche. Pick up some books and learn as much as you can to help get you back on track.

If you have access to Google Analytics, study your traffic behavior for the duration of your absence, identify areas that you think need improving upon and work on them.

Quick Recap

So let’s recap what we’ve just covered to help you make an awesome comeback to blogging –

  1. Update everything, WordPress, plugins, themes, content etc.
  2. Write a killer comeback post and post it on your blog
  3. Notify your direct audience
  4. Consider a complete blog redesign
  5. Get up to scratch with all the latest blogging and social media trends

Follow all these simple but necessary suggestions and you’ll be back on the blogging saddle in no time. Now go and revive your blog.

Over to you… Do your have any tips and suggestions for making a comeback to blogging?

If you have any additional tips and suggestions to add to the list above for making a comeback to blogging after taking a break, please leave your comments and reactions below.


Fabrizio Van Marciano is a full time father of two, a passionate blogger, podcaster and online business strategist. He is the founder and editor at Magnet4Marketing and the author of the Smart Blog Traffic Tips eBook. You can follow Fabrizio on Google+.


  1. I’m still trying to figure out what to do the first time around….let alone in a position to advise on what to do in a comeback scenario.

    Thanks for the post though – one distant day from now this may be beneficial to me.

    • Well hopefully you won’t ever have to stop blogging to find out lol. But if you do for any unforeseen reasons you’ll know what to do. All the best 🙂

  2. Hi fabrizio
    Thanks for the tips, just wanted to let you know that this article is what i can relate to as i have been off blogging for some time
    the tip that i am going to focus on is -. Write your ultimate ‘come back’ post this is something i am working on. hope this time i get back to blogging with a great impact

  3. Now this is one post I should bookmark and read after loosing my Internet for 2 months now 🙂

    • Amal that sounds like bad news to loose internet for a whole two months, I don’t think I could have coped lol. Hopefully you’re all sorted now though.

  4. Hi Fabrizio, I would add to mention other bloggers in your first comeback killer post. Those that you continued to read or missed. And be sure to share it via Triberr and other sources like Blog Engage, etc. I think it would be easier to make a comeback vs. starting from stratch.

    • Hi Lisa, great idea, thanks for your input! I completely agree, coming back would always be easier than starting all over again, however I do believe that it would take some considerable time before you gained the momentum you had once.

    • Hey Lisa,

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I apologize on the behalf of my blog that it did put your comment in spam. LOL! The spam bouncers should know you are a very good friend and a regular reader here. 🙂

  5. I like it Fabrizio – now if Abhi would just follow your advice and start blogging again? J/K! 😀 Btw I really like the new commenting system here!

    • Hi Jason, thanks mate, ha ha, well I had a nice little chat with Abhi and he’s a very busy man focusing on a very crucial part of his educational life with college studies, so he’s had little time to get behind the blog, but I’m sure he’ll be back in action soon 🙂 Hopefully I’ll have a few more valuable guest posts to add to his blog over the course of time.

      • Hey Fabrizio,

        Thanks for backing me up. LOL! And thanks for this useful piece of information. I really appreciate this.

    • LOL! I am working on it, Jason, on Fabrizio’s tips. hehe…

      Well, he said it absolutely right. You know about all these days very well. 😀

      And the commenting system, it’s the default.

  6. Hello Fabrzio!

    I agree with writing the comeback post because if you haven’t blogged in a very long time your readers will want to know what happened and why haven’t you been blogging.

    • Just being busy with my studies, buddy. I hope I will be regular soon. Thanks for sticking around.

  7. Hey Fab, Guess I just came back to blogging after a short absence. Well, I didn’t quit. Just took a break and I was really looking for an article on this topic.

    • Hey Ehsan,

      I’m glad you saw this one. I am finding really difficult to manage my blog with my studies.

      But I think, Fabrizio’s motivating post would work for me. Hehe.. 😀

  8. These are always the worst seconds in blogger’s life when he leaves his blogging completely and comes home back after a long period of time.
    Generally bloggers fail to catch back their audience. A very good way is to update all lacked info to his remaining audience and aid them with your terrific posts.
    Very nice post…keep sharing!!!

    • Hey Ashutosh,

      Thanks for dropping your thoughts here, man.

      I hope you’ll stick to the blog. 😉

  9. Hey Fabrizio , You have done great job. Really I Like your Article.After long time it is Hard to come back .You have given great idea. I have gone through that phase. But now I am fine with My Blog.

  10. This is one most usual problem with many of blogger how to come back for blogging and you share really nice and informatics post to solve this problem thanks for making this post and sharing with all of us.

  11. 3 and 5 steps are most important if you really want to make your blog successful. you have to do blogging with passion only then you would be able to make something out of it.

  12. I have many such long absences on my blog, and, writing an “World, I’m back!” kind of article every time I resume my activity there, would be senseless and ridiculous at some point.

    I can’t sustain a constant rhythm of blogging – I have to admit it although I don’t like the situation. So I have to make peace with the idea that the rhythm of my own blog is different from others’.

    When coming back from a long “silence”, bloggers tend to behave differently. In most cases, they write special posts dedicated to “the big return”. Some are bold, some are shy, some are enthusiastic towards the future, others are a bit embarrassed by the past. And some, well they don’t even bother – they just resume their activity by writing a new blog, and they mention their absence and return in just a couple of lines at the begining or the end of the new blog post.

    Regarding this behaviour, I’ve landed one day on somebody’s post. Sorry, I don’t remember the post nor the blogger, but I do remember his interesting point of view. He basically said: “When you come back – mostly is you not a so great and renowned blogger – don’t bother to mention it! Because most of your readers have no idea about your absence, they are on your blog just because they are attracted of your old posts, and maybe they will not bother to check if you are very active or not. They don’t need you to be active, they need you to write well.”

    Frankly, when I have read that guys’s post, I felt like having a little revelation. That “Why haven’t I think about that?!” kind of revelation. I, in many aspects, agree with him. I think that instead of lamenting and apologising to the readers for something that maybe they did not observed, you should better check on your statistics, see what they are interested for, and answer – trough your new posts – to their questions and concerns.

    Sharing a blog post with an intelligent announcement, would do the trick in most cases… IMHO.

    • Hi Christiana,
      Welcome to my blog.
      It looks like you spent some quality time on my blog. 🙂 Thank you for your valuable comments on all the posts. I hope to see you here more often.

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