6 Effective Tips to Really Make Money with Your Blog

How to make money with your blog? How much can you earn?

Well, let’s face it: there are not a lot of bloggers who can live only with the profits of their blogs. In general, the vast majority of bloggers earn more or less enough money to pay the costs of hosting service. Someone else earn a little more to add something to their principal income.

Of course if you want to make money online with your blog you need to remember that this is not easy at all, but with a lot of hard work, patience, passion and perserverance, you can be between the few ones who made it.

See some tips that may help you succeed.

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1 . Find an Original and Profitable Niche

You must find a niche that no one has caught yet, where user demand is high and where equally high are the chances to make money with a blog. Use AdWords keyword tool to help you find one.

Conversely, if you enter a niche already saturated, you have little chance of gain. In fact, how could you steal visitors to  blogs which are online from many years and publish quality content daily?

Just think about how much work you should do in order to equalize their authority and visibility on the web.

The small niche blogs, created by willing experts, have a much higher average CPM than generalist great blogs.

Moral: if you are an expert in your niche, your little blog is relatively more profitable than a great blog of general topics.

2 . Have Passion for Your Topic

The first reason for you to create a blog should be the passion respect to the subject that you have choosen.

If you write about what you like, you can even have fun: everything becomes lighter. Only then you can concentrate on how to make money online.

Creating a blog with the sole aim of monetizing is totally wrong.

The right starting point? Begin a process that is based on your knowledge and passions, writing interesting posts for the greatest possible number of people in your niche.

3 . Create quality content

High quality contents generate high traffic. And the more traffic you can receive, the more chances you have to make money with your blog.

Traffic, online advertising and passive income are three concepts on the internet that go hand in hand.

Be original !

If you want to become more authoritative and, therefore, increase traffic to your blog, strive to be original.

Create content than do not write someone else, say things that others can not say. In a word, Be Different !

Write as more as you can. Even daily. But pay attention, stick with the publication interval that you have chosen.

So remember to be consistent!

If you create always new content and you frequently update your blog, you can also count on returning visitors and direct traffic.

Among other things, this will make your advertising not necessarily linked to Google AdSense, giving you also the opportunity to find other solutions to make money with your website.

Translation: you will find companies willing to pay directly for the advertising space on your blog.

4 . Apply the SEO Techniques

Only when your posts will be positioned high in the Google SERPs, you will receive substantial organic traffic.

You know that a high traffic is essential to make money with your blog.

Then remember to apply the SEO rules.  Some on-page tips that you should consider :

– enter your keywords multiple times in your content;

– insert your keywords in the titles and subtitles (H1, H2, H3);

– put your keywords in the first and final words of content;

– use Bold and Italics to highlight your primary keywords;

– optimize the description tags, the post URL and the images you add.

Then you need to apply the off-page optimization, which means principally link building. Some techniques include guest posting, blog commenting, article submission, press release and social media marketing.

If few words, your blog need to be everywhere!

5 . Care About Advertising on Your Blog

Be sure to place correctly the banners and avertising trough your pages. Do not abuse and do not exaggerate.

You should also care about the relevance between your blog content and the advertising that you place. If this relation is good enough, then the CTR will be high.

Following the tips mentioned above, you are likely to gain more and substantial traffic. If you have a good traffic, then companies will want to put their banners on your blog. In this case, you agree contracts directly with corporate sponsors.

You can think to propose to the companies that cater to your own target to insert their ads on your website.

How to find these companies? For example, type in Google for a keyword related to the niche of your blog. Propose the companies present in the sponsored links of the SERP to invest money by placing banners on your site.

Alternatively, contact the advertisers of the blogs in your niche competitors.

In short, in order to make money with your blog you need also to move on!

6 . Make Money with Affiliate Programs or Your Products

When you have enough traffic, you can even think about joining and promoting affiliate programs, that match the topics of your blog. Be sure to use affiliate links, and not banners (which do not much convert).

A part of being paid to advertise for others, you can create your own products and services.

If you sell something by yourself, then making money with your blog means for you primarily to advertise what you sell.

You need to give the possibility to your readers to subscribe to your blog. You can create your newsletter, a mailing list that you can use to send content updates and from time to time, to market and propose products and services of your sponsors (or even yours).


In conclusion: make money with a blog is difficult. You need to have passion and an ongoing commitment.

Internet may change your life, but only if you really want it.

Erik Emanuelli

Erik Emanuelli writes about blogging, SEO and marketing. To check his main blog No Passive Income go here.


  1. Nice post Erik and nice tips. One thing I would like add here and that is patience. Blogging and making money through blog is actually easier said than done.
    No matter how well you started and how well you go, blogging or affiliate marketing cannot start making money overnight. It calls for great dedication and hardwork.

    • Hi Shiwangi,and thanks for adding your point of view.
      You’re right, you need time, patience and dedication to have success with your website, blog or online business.
      The good part is that when you reach enough traffic, popularity, and knowledge, you really start to make money online.
      Thanks for your comment!

  2. I think that having something that you are passionate about is the most important thing. If you do not enjoy writing about the things you are blogging about then you are doomed for failure. When you have a passion for something you want to create great articles and you have fun doing it. This is one of the major keys to success in blogging, IMO.

  3. These are valuable pointers, thanks for sharing. I would like to add also using social networks, like microblogging through Twitter and Facebook. Sometimes, they do bring in a lot of traffic, especially if your topic is current.

    • Hi Jena,
      thanks for adding that suggestion.
      Social Media may help to connect with your audience, apart via your blog.
      And yes, social media marketing is really a good source of traffic.
      Thanks for the comment, Jena!

  4. Hi Erik, thanks for your great tips.
    Making money with blog isn’t fast and easy – we need a lot of time and patience. What’s more, if we want to get money from affiliate marketing – we need a lot of visitors from search engines.
    And one more thing, which is (IMHO of course 😉 ) very important – build big and related email list – it’s goldmine…
    BR, Chris

    • Hi Chris,
      that’s right, all the things you stated are important if we want to make solid money online.
      And an huge email list is goldmine, as you said! 🙂
      Glad to see you here and thanks for your comment!

  5. Erik thanks for the tips and strategies when starting out, when posting and being different. That’s the key i believe. Once you are unique from all other bloggers, you stand out from the crowd.
    Nice post

  6. I agree with Shiwangi, for every blogger there should be patience as earning from a blog is not easy mainly in the initial stages of blogging career.

    • That’s right, Chris!
      Making money online is not an overnight mission!
      You need time and dedication, as every other offline business.

  7. Hi Erik,

    Each one has different style something we need to apply in our blog too..find your best niche applying best seo techniques bringing up quality content will make you to stand of the crowd Meanwhile great tips keep rocking…

    • Hi Mohideen,
      glad you liked the article.

      Passion, perseverance and hard work are needed in order to make money online !

      Thanks for your comment!

  8. Hello Erik,

    These are handy 6 tips to make money from blog. I have found that you are such a superb guy to provide this kind of stuff. I wish I can do one percent of your work. 🙂

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