A discussion on Plagiarism

Wikipedia define Plagiarism as

Plagiarism is defined in dictionaries as the “wrongful appropriation,” “close imitation,” or “purloining and publication” of another author’s “language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions,” and the representation of them as one’s own original work.


The word plagiarism comes from a Latin word which means kidnapping.In simple words we can say , Plagiarism is an act of copying or stealing some one’s work or idea and taking all the credits of his/her creativity. It’s is also referred as academic dishonesty.

In the Blogging world Plagiarism is being so common now a days that every next blogger is making his/her blog a content farm just by copying and pasting. Most of the new bloggers are caught with this act.Although Google Panda is here to block all the spammy blogs. But as most of the bloggers don’t know about it so they don’t worry about it.

But now Good writers do not have to worry if someone is copying their article and pasting it on their web-blogs or web-sites without giving their credit to them. Because Google panda will remove all their links from Google indexing.

Why people plagiarize?

In my opinion all mature bloggers and writers do not plagiarize. New Bloggers mostly take this step which can be because of following reasons :

  • Expecting Success Quickly : Most of the bloggers start blogging looking other being successful in blogging and earning money.And they think its easy as it sounds.So they start a blog and make a content farm in their blog by copying popular articles and never bothering about the illegal activity they are doing in between.
  • Earning Money : We always keep reading article to earn more we need useful content so that traffic.To earn money via blogging bloggers copy articles to make their blog useful.
  • Get Popular : New bloggers also love to be popular between other bloggers which takes them to the illegal activities slowly.

Is copying crime ?

NO,Copying any good and informative article and sharing it with readers is not considered as Crime if you have given the credit to the original writer with his/her link.And i don’t think there is any problem in providing a source link in the end of the article.It will be considered as legal copying.

But still you should not copy!

Still never copy a complete article as Google will consider you as spam , scanning duplicate articles on your web-blog/site.You can copy a phrase in your article of course with the author name and link.

If you really want to share something already published on the web then you can write a summary for that article and give a link in the end of your article which can redirect your readers to the original post.

“My Words are Different!” so what?

It also happens some over intelligent people read the whole article which they want to publish on their blog. Change few words of phrases of the article and publish it. And if the original author complaints them. They say my article is different. But they don’t know stealing or copying the idea also comes under plagiarism.

Any Prevention ?

Personally I think there are few options for non professional writers. There are few websites which provides free copyright registering services. Bloggers can register on these websites and put banners of their protected content. It can help you much preventing your original work.

One of these sites I use is

MyFreeCopyright.com Registered & Protected

  • myfreecopyright– MyFreeCopyright uploads your information and capture digital fingerprint of your creation and stores it. And emails you the finger print code and MCN for further use.
You can have a look to CopyScape  as well to check your site content. They gives banners to prevent plagiarism. It is better if one uses its Premium membership.

How to Respond to plagiarism?

If you find someone has stolen or copied your content. The first step you should take is to find the contact of that author in his/her website. All the website owners have an about me or contact me page where you can get the contact email. Send a polite email with the request to remove the duplicate content or just add a your name and link with the text “original article” or “source”, if the reply is positive then its alright.

If the author do not reply or is not ready to remove or add your link then you can report that website to the search engines mainly to Google to remove their links from the indexing. I don’t think there will be any big loss than removing the links from Google.

Report Spam blogs to GoogleClick Here.

Note : Please don’t use this link to spam other blogs unnecessarily. I always say to my readers GOOGLE is NOT a FOOL. They examine it before taking any action.

Avoid Plagiarism

Plagiarism can not be finished only if we avoid it.What we can do is write articles on our blogs,share this article.

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