OddBlogger is doing well in increasing traffic and online reputation for both blogs: OddBlogger – Best Blogging tips and Geek OddBlogger- Technology + Entertainment.



Why advertise here?

First of all, I would like you to see stats post of Geek OddBlogger and OddBlogger(5 months, it’s old now). OddBlogger has grown its Alexa rank very fast (Right now, it’s 70K).

OddBlogger’s feed is in 100+ TwitterFeed account, which gives article 100s of shares just after hitting the publish button or as soon a feed is burnt. 

Google PageRank – 3

Domain Authority – 41

Alexa – 70000

Facebook Fans – 300+1300

Twitter Followers – 750+

Google+ – 150+

NOTE: Ads relevant to blog contents are allowed only. It would be good for both, you and me.

Information for Advertising 

Banner Ads

All the banners will be (may be if needed) rotated  with their positions so that every advertiser gets a chance to be at the top. The following information is for both of my blogs.

Availabe banner Slots

  • Sidebar(125×125) – 6/6 slots available.

125×125 banner

  • Sidebar (250×125) – 1/1 slot available.

250×125 banner

  • Sidebar(250×250) – 2/2 slots available.

250×250 banner

  • Blog Posts Header (468×60) – 1/1 slot available.

468×60 banner

The ad will be in every post, above the title of the post, as seen on the top of this page.

  • Blog Header – 1/1 slots available (other ad will be shifted to another position if possible)
  • Adding more soon

Sponsored Reviews 

I have been writing sponsored review on my blog from a while. Just inbox me if you want to ask for a sponsored review. I will use the product for a few days to write a review for it. And the product / service should be completely relevant to two of my blogs.

Here are some review’s I have already written

  1. Better WP Security Plugin (Most viewed post on
  2. MusicNews Magazine Theme

TextLink (InText) Ads

Both sites are open for InText ads. The minimum period of advertising with InText ads will be 2 months.

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