Awesome articles you might have missed!

Awesome articles you might have missed

My blog, OddBlogger is growing day by day and I’m really happy with that. Though, it’s growth is slow but it’s increasing constantly. I’m getting new readers, friends and followers engaging with my blog, everyday. So I thought, it’d be a good idea to sum up all the awesome articles I’ve read and found them useful for all, in last few weeks. Some of them are on oddblogger.com and some are on other blogs out there. I’d like to start my list with an awesome article on my blog:

1) Tips for Dealing with Negative Comments: It was a guest post by Holly Jahangiri in last month and as you can see in the right sidebar, it’s the TOP POST on my blog with maximum number of comments. Holly explained, how we can handle negative feedback, comments or criticism and take it positively to improve ourselves. A must read post for newbies for learning and experts for discussion.

2) Blog Resolutions and Blogging Resolutions: I shared my two resolution list related to blog and blogging, last month. It’s not too late if you haven’t set any resolution for you and your blog. Confused in two different list about resolutions? Click on the link and find out the difference yourself. 🙂

3) 10 Reasons – Why I Will Not Visit Your Blog AgainIt focuses on what you need to take care in your blog to keep your readers stick to your blog. It’s my guest post on one of my favorite blogs, BasicBlogTips. I got good feedback for this article. So, sharing it here in my list.

Guest Blogging

It looks like we are in a season of guest blogging. Rather than writing on ours, bloggers are writing more on other’s blogs. 😀 Guest blogging is one of the hottest topic in blogging ever.

4) 3 Good Reasons You Should Let ME Guest Post: Again, written by Holly Jahangiri on my blog. It’s one of the most discussed post on my blog. And it was a reply to another guest post, that was 4 reasons why you should not allow guest blogging on your site by Isabelle. These two posts are good enough to conclude our remarks about guest blogging. But it’s not enough to start guest posting blindly. See what Holly suggest you to do, in next.

5) Drive-by Guest Bloggers: The Dangers of Spun and PLR Content : If you think that you are getting so many guest post request on your blog because you have a very good blog, think again. Instead of just publishing any guest post you get in your inbox, do you know what you need to do first? Are you sure that your GUESTS really exist? The above post will teach you some tricks to find these answers. It’s Holly’s contest entry on Blog Engage, in current contest.

ProBloggingSuccess Contest

It’s one of the hottest online contest about blogging over the web. I’ve participated in it, too. You cannot participate now because the time for submitting article is over. But I’m sharing TOP 3 post in the contest, currently, out of 19 posts.

6) Good Blogger And A Good Blog: What Are The Signs?: I wrote a great list which can help you to remark your blog and your blogging as well. YES! It’s my contest entry and it’s on first place from last two months. Will you believe? It’s my first guest post and I’ve got 300+ comments on that and still counting. It’s a really good experience for me to participate in my very first contest with my very first guest post and to get a very good feedback. I’ll be waiting for your comments, too.

 7) Will they call you over for a Bloggers Party? : This post is written by Hajra Khatoon, the toughest competitor but a very good friend. This is another post about guest blogging but this time it’s about how to get most out of it. The post helps to ensure that your guest post is one of the BEST guest posts.

8 ) Blogging Success: Failure Is Success: Written by Allie Rambles. This article tells us to be prepared for failure and learn from it. An article about Blogging success and failure.

Moreover, you can have a look to Google panda info-graphic for all information about Google panda. And if blogging from home, know how you can make money from home blogging.

I’d like to finish this list here because there are tons of awesome writers and articles out there. I cannot include all here. For now, read all of the above if you haven’t yet. All articles are waiting for your comments. Keep sharing.

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