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On April 13, 2012
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BigRock is a company from India which provides services like Hosting and Domain Registration and a few more related to them.

I have been writing about my self hosted blog, and migration to a self hosted blog from Blogger but I never mentioned about my hosting provide. Actually, I thought before writing for my hosting or sharing about my hosting provider, I should experience it first.

So, finally after experiencing it for more than three weeks. I’m ready to share which hosting provider I’m having for my blog right now with an awesome discount news and Promo Code.

As I said in my previous articles, many of awesome people (my friends) helped me in understanding and choosing a hosting provider. For example, what to look for in your hosting providers? and Which hosting plan should I get? I got many suggestions, discount options and good plans from good companies. But finally, I had to look for a company which can accept payment with my preferred method.


BigRock OddBlogger

I did put my finger on BigRock .com from the few. BigRock is a company from India which provides services like Hosting and Domain Registration and a few more related to them. I got my suitable web hosting plan without heating my pockets. It has got different types of  hosting with different hosting plans and features to fulfill every type of need.

My website was up in less than one day. I had some technical difficulties but maybe because of my bank and bank holiday. But they did set up my account before receiving the money (after I sent statement copy to them) and confirmed me on next working day that my account has been successfully upgraded.

In last four weeks, my website was down for around 5 minutes. I don’t think it’s a big deal (I was testing many things with my site on these days). I got all my queries clear by their Live Chat option. I did contact them around 10 times to make everything clear (before and after purchasing) and it was only one time when it took a bit longer than usual to connect.

Get 35% OFF on all Hosting Packages on BigRock

BigRock discountYeah, it’s right! I thought, this is the right time to share about my hosting provider with
this discount news and it’s coupon code. BigRock is giving a discount of 35% on all hosting packages. But this discount is for a very limited time, for next 24 hours (I got the email 1 hour ago).

BigRock Promo Code

To get 35% Off you need to use BigRock promo code : BIGHOST35

You can have a look to BigRock hosting plans here (Affiliate Link). Make sure to use my link when purchasing… hehe.. 😀

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