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Blog Engage Blog Forum and Blogging Community, Free Blog Submissions and Blog Traffic, Blog Directory, Article Submissions, Blog TrafficBlog promotion is a part of blogging. But what does blog promotion actually mean? Is it sharing your article on your Facebook wall, or tweeting about it on twitter? I don’t think so. Blog promotion is sharing your article in different social networks, forums, communities, groups, directories and more. Even not only that, it also matters, what are you sharing and where. Means, sharing a PC tricks article in a poems forum is totally ineffective.

The interactivity in the communities, forums you’ve joined, also matters. There are lot of groups, communities out there which are used just for throwing links to get few readers. But actually, most of the users there just publish linksthere, no one reads other blogs.

I have a social network blogging community in my knowledge from a long, named Blog Engage, which allows you to submit your Blog Article(s) that will be placed in queue and promoted by the members to the front page. Blog Engage was founded in 2007 by Brian Belfitt. And it has grown to one of the largest most interactive blogging communities online today.

Why I like Blog Engage?

There are many reasons to like Blog Engage for all of us. The community can help a blogger in many ways. And I would like to share few of the reasons based on my personal experience why I like this community.
  • Interaction With Top Bloggers: This is the primary reason why I like Blog Engage. As already mentioned, BE is not an ordinary community. It is one of the largest communities online. Most of the top bloggers are there. Right place for newbies and intermediates to build strong relationship with top bloggers. Learning from their blogging experiences and more.
  • Quality Traffic: The users there, do not just submit their links but also read other blogs, doesn’t matter how popular or small your blog is. The readers, rather than just reading, share their views/appreciation/suggestions in comments or messages.
  • Quality Content To Read: Great collection of article from all niches can be navigated easily. Reading other articles and sharing our views can help very much to build healthy relationship with other bloggers.
  • Contests: Blog Engage keeps on hosting cash prize contests and more as well. Currently, a $1000 guest blogging contest is going on Blog Engage.
  • Voting System: Blog Engage has a voting system. The articles when submitted can receive votes from other members and gets appear in the main timeline when get some more votes in short time. That’s nice because the articles are choose on the basis of users feedback. We decide what is to be published on the main page.

Previously, Blog Engage account was free of cost. As community has grown enormously, now a one time payment of $29.99 (US) is required to join Blog Engage. But for those, unable to pay $29.99, Blog Engage keeps track of all the contest which give away free blog engage accounts, in one of its post. What you need to do is follow that post and participate in the contests and get your chance to win a free Blog Engage account. Those contests are not big deal to join, you just need to do some tweets, likes to win. I don’t think its hard. This account will let you submit your articles in the community manually.

Some might be thinking that $29.99 for a sign up is not fare. But this sign up is for life time membership for manual submission. The amount is not much for getting so many services like article submission to directories, backlinks, traffic and much more. And for those who cannot pay, there are lot of Blog Engage accounts give away contests, hosted almost every month.

Moreover, Blog Engage also provides RSS syndication servicewhich automatically syndicate your content into the blogging community. The service comes with featured spotlight. It shows blog in a featured blogs slider. In this service you can also show your Google ads with in your article as it is a Google Adsense Revenue Sharing Community.

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      If you are still a bit confused signing up on Blog Engage, I would recommend you to go to my blog’s “make money” category and see how I was making money with Blog Engage.

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