Why is it necessary to take a break from blogging?

Burnout is kinda horrible situation which every blogger would have faced or would be facing in their blogging career. It’s well said that “ When you’ve given all you have then it’s hard to keep on giving.”

You don’t need to post every single day that people want to read. If you are able to attract a handful of reader who actually like your content then I think its more than enough. Don’t go for the stats. If your blog is not among the top blogs on Internet, does it matter??
Don’t feel to write more often when you have no ideas. Take your time. Some bloggers admit that they actually publish multiple posts a day while other once a month only. At some extent certain bloggers encounters blog burnout and just decides to end up with their blogging, which is a shameful act. There was a time when I was facing the same burnout situation. But I came over this situation by doing some activities like:-

  • Keeping my self away from my blog for few days, meeting old friends.
  • Listening to soft music
  • Making habit to read blogs concerning different niche.
  • Commenting on other blogs
  • Asking readers for feedback, suggestions or ideas about what next to post about.
  • Asking for guest post

My dear readers, I’ve shared my experience only. Mind it, that to overcome this burnout situation the activities may vary with respect to different bloggers including gardening, photography, going on vacation and lot more.

So all bloggers don’t feel guilty while taking break from blogging. Do peep outside the world, take your time and be back with fresh outlook.

Lastly, I’d like to thank my school friend Abhi for all the time whenever he helped me in my blogging and allowed me to write a guest post for his wonderful blog. Thanks buddy 🙂

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  1. Hey Pratyush, First of all, great article I read. This is what I reflected. I post one article per day, no matter how? what I publish. When I really think that what I’m doing is something boring. And now I will take a break.. Great article again.

  2. Hey Krishna, I’m glad that you are concerned with this burnout situation and looking for a break. Yes, there is no point in publishing articles like anything just for the sake of posting, and actually you even don’t know that what you have published.

  3. This a great article! This a side no one talks about, but does happen. I know I blogged every day for 2 years, I felt burned out at times. Now with my new blog I do it weekly, mostly I don’t want get burned out like before!

    • Thanks for your appreciation Dee, and I’m glad that you’ve noticed the uniqueness of this post that no one talks about this particular topic 🙂

  4. I agree with you, Pratyush. There must be taken few breaks after a while when we are blogging otherwise we get stressed if we sit a long time in front of our computer and concentrate on our project. And since I mostly sleep during the break, or do rest… 😛

    Interesting Post. 🙂

    • Exactly Satyakam, all bloggers must take regular breaks to avoid burnouts and stresses.
      And I like your activity i.e. sleeping during the break LOL 😀
      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  5. I’m so glad to see you addressing this as what I believe it is – burnout, not “blogger’s block” or some such. All writers suffer burnout now and then, and it’s not only okay to take a break, it’s a requirement. If you have nothing to write about, it’s a sign that you are not getting out and living enough. 🙂 Good advice, Lovely.

    • Yes Holly, I’m agree with your words that “it’s a requirement”. Thanks for your appreciation. 🙂

  6. Hello Lovely,

    I’m glad to publish your article on my blog. And I think, I’m suffering from what you have mentioned in your article.

    That’s why I’m not writing anything or commenting much. Maybe, because I’ve participated in few contests and I’m in contests from last few months.

    Need rest.

    • Hello Abhi, It’s my pleasure to have my post on your blog. 🙂 And definitely you need a break buddy!!

  7. Hi Pratyush,

    Thanks, this morning was the time that I nearly decide to end my blog because of not getting very much people comment on my recent post. Fortunately on the flip sides, I found many articles inspiring me like this article, I have solve it and built up another great article to inspire whoever having the same problems like me and you.


    • Hello Ferb, I’m so glad to know that my this post has helped you to avoid burnout and saved your blog too 🙂
      We all bloggers must find out different ways to counter act the Blogger’s Burnout.
      And thanks for sharing your post with us.

  8. it was a good time to read your very great article…I learned most of the new things by reading your article..
    hope you will write more better articles in future than this…… ?

    • Thank you Pardeep for your appreciation, I’m glad that you like this post and learned most of it.:)
      I think its the aim of every blogger to write a better article than the previous one.
      And I’m also trying my best to do the same.
      Hey, you should check out my recent post and do let me know if I had written a better one. 🙂

    • Hmm….! Bharat, that sounds interesting that you love to do this activity to counter act the burnout. As I already mentioned in this very article that the activities may vary with respect to different bloggers. And see, yours is different from mine activities 😀

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