Content Marketing Guidelines to Keep up with Google Algorithm Changes

Writing and publishing a blog assuming hundreds of automatic readership is plain stupidity. Ignoring Google algorithm updates like Panda and Penguin is stupidity again.

Content Marketing

Actually, bloggers are being suffocated from two sides: on one side, they have to deal with changing Google algorithm, ensuring their blog meets current demands; on the other side, they have to continue publishing highly useful content and rank high on search engines which, to be blatant, cannot happen without successful content marketing.

In light of the present Google algorithm changes robbing off bloggers’ peace of mind, let’s do a recon of what all should be done with your blog content so that it remains relevant for your readers and for the search engine.

  • Keyword Glossary with SEO:

Readers’ choices are keyword based.  They enter keywords for the information they need and Google searches relevant information for entered keywords. Content marketing survives on this proposition.

SEO keywords in content are a tri-directional profitable tool:  

  • From the reader’s view, it provides desired searchable information.
  • SEO done with white-hat techniques stand a chance to show up higher on SERP.
  • Bloggers register higher visits as time passes, and these traffic can be converted into a revenue model if the blogger wants to.

Of course, don’t spam your blog with keywords. You will lose both readership and Google’s blessing (whatever remains)!

  • Determine Blogging Goals:

Content marketing is a time consuming activity where content writer needs to be informative, creative and dedicated towards what is being written. If someone is writing business content, the person should know what kind of audience the content will target. This is no time for generic content writing.

The problem with blogging these days is that people think it is a copy-paste idea. I mean if blogger ‘A’ is writing about “Topic A”, blogger ‘B’ is also writing about “Topic A”, generalizing the content and robbing it off its value.

I know it is difficult to write exclusive content all the time, which is why it is necessary to indulge in “perspective blogging”. In my thinking, blogging should be about writing individual perspectives in a professional way, that way the content remains new.

  • Reader’s Feedback is Necessary!

Unless a reader is too lethargic, the reader will be compelled to leave comments and feedback’s on blog posts that catch their attention. Bloggers have the misconception that a high PR blog has high number of comments and vice versa. It is completely untrue. A PR0 blog can get 100 comments on a single post as against a PR5 blog.

The mantra is content. Of course, one cannot force people to comment. Therefore, try to make a blog engaging and interesting.

  •  Adopting Best Content Marketing Strategies:

Adopting well suited marketing strategy for delivering content is vital. These content marketing strategies are nothing but a pre-decided format in which you market blog content. These formats are:

  • Extended
  • Compact
  • Conversational

Extended content marketing format includes blogs, articles and press-release. Use press release only when selling a product or service through your blog. Compact content marketing format includes tweets and status updates on social media. This type of content is short-lived. A blogger has to constantly promote on social media to gain results.  Lastly, conversational content marketing format includes conversations between bloggers and audiences about anything related to the blog and its blogging strategies. This includes blog polls and forums.

  • Think like an Advertiser:

Isn’t it just amazing how a 30-second ad jingle on TV grips our attention? Choicest use of words, images and sound, with abundance of creativity, makes this possible.

Similarly, a visitor comes to your blog later; first, the visitor sees your blog title and the 2-line summary stating what is there in the content. If you are focusing on organic traffic, you have to think like an advertiser. Be creative with presentation, it matters a lot.


Content marketing is necessary, more so if you want to successfully deal with Google search engine updates without compromising readership base.

Chitraparna Sinha

Chitraparna Sinha is an experienced freelance content developer and the founder of SocialVani, a resourceful blog for small business entrepreneurs and assisting clients in start-up blogging.


  1. It is extremely hard to keep up with Google’s updates. I am hearing horror stories. Hope this will not affect everyone but just those involved in dubious ways of doing SEO. Great article. Thank you.

    • Shalu

      The fact is people who are engaging in good SEO are also getting effected. With frequent updates, we are really losing track of what to do and what not to do with our blogs and websites.

      I really wish Google stops updating the search engine algo so often.

  2. Whatever changes are made by Google, its all Quality content and valuable blog readers. Thanks Chitra for sharing these tips.

    • I beg to differ a bit here. Check Google search results on current display. More crappy content are coming on top than the truly deserving ones.

  3. Hello,
    I really liked the post as you correctly mentioned that nowadays blogger have to deal with two side that is from point of view of google for better SEO and search visibility and another is from the point of view of readers because we all are writing for them only so they can solve their problem or can come to know about any new things. using excessive keywords will spoil the SERP ranking and all.

    Thank you for such a wonderful post and i really lied it. Have a good day.

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