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On July 30, 2013
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DepositPhotos is a stock photos agency from where you can choose best suitable photo for your blog post from the collection of millions of royalty free photos.

If you have been struggling finding relevant images for your blog posts, then I am here with DepositPhotos review for you. DepositPhotos is a stock photos agency from where you can choose best suitable photo for your blog post from the collection of millions of royalty free photos.

DepositPhotos was founded in 2009 and has its headquarter in Florida, USA. Depositphotos is the fastest growing microstock agency in the world. They are serving customers from over 192 countries, giving them support in 14 languages. Depositphotos allows everyone to buy and sell high-quality stock photos, vector images, and videos.


Why you need to look into DepositPhotos?

Some of you might be thinking that why to buy images when you can get them from Google. But you should be aware that many of the images you find on Google images might be subjected to copyright. And if you use a copyrighted image on your blog without the permissions, you can get into some serious trouble. Most of the bloggers prefer to stay away from that kind of problem. So they use royalty free images on their blogs.

What if you cannot make or find a suitable perfect image for your selected topic? You can always head towards the way of DepositPhotos. In DepositPhotos you can search from over 16 million different and various different categories. And not only images, the company provides varied range of products from stock vector images to videos.

Highlights of DepositPhotos

  • Providing stock photo service since 2009;
  • Over 16 million Royalty-Free Stock Files;
  • 170,700 New Files added every week;
  • Over 1 million customers;
  • Premium collection;
  • Live Chat;
  • Payment gateways includes PayPal, MoneyBookers.
Advance Search Filters

They have made search for exact images very easy with various advance search filters. You can search for specific photos by entering a related keyword and filter your search results like only photos or photos and videos both. Also you can search for specific size and orientations, for example, xxl size with square orientation etc. Other filter includes specific colors, exclude keywords, search results per page and some more.

Blogging Stock Photos

Various subscription plans to suit your needs

Yes, you don’t have to buy 16 million images when you are going to use just couple of them. Their different subscription plans are set with taking different customers’s varying needs into consideration. You can choose from a daily subscription plan where you will pay for a month and you will be allowed to download a specific number of images everyday. You can download photos and vector images of any size, every day, up to your daily limit. And the other plan gives you a monthly limit, not daily limit, to download images.

Other than that, you can buy credits. DepositPhotos use credits as currency which you can use to buy vector images, photos and videos for up to one year. You can use credits to buy single files.


Earn Money with DepositPhotos

Yes, you can earn some bucks or credits while working with DepositPhotos.

Affiliate Program: The first way to earn money is their affiliate program like many other online companies. You can bring customers to DepositPhotos and earn commissions from there. You get commission to refer photographers as well as buyers.

  • For referring photographers: You will earn $0.03 for each sale your Referral makes through a subscription.
  • For referring Buyers: You will earn a 15% commission for every Pay-by-Credit purchase your Referral makes. Your commission is based on sale price of the file minus the Contributor’s commission.

For more information about their affiliate program, you can visit here: DepositPhotos Affiliate Program.

Contributor Promotion Program: In this program, they will pay you for every image you add to DepositPhotos. But only selected contributors will be able to participate in this Promotional Program. During the standard examination process, their examiners will be looking for top contributors to participate in the Promotional Program. Only the most qualified individuals will be granted access to the Promotional Program.

Contributors who were not immediately accepted into the Promotional Program still have the chance to participate. All you have to do is continue uploading pictures and illustrations of the highest quality. As always, you will receive your standard commission for files sold on our site. However, inspectors will be continually reviewing your work for possible inclusion into our Promotional Program. The more pictures you submit, the better your chances of being selected. You will receive an email notification if you are accepted to participate in the Promotional Program.

  • Depositphotos will pay you $0.10 for every single original photo you upload for sale to our library, up to 500 photos;
  • You can Request your earnings as soon as your account balance reaches $50.

Sponsorship by Depositphotos

Other than their earning programs, they have program for bloggers as well. The idea is very simple. You promote the site by writing review in your site and they will sponsor your contest by providing temporary subscriptions as prize. There is a lot more information about this program which you can get through the link I provided you at the start of this paragraph.

What are you thoughts?

So what you think after reading this review? You can earn, get sponsor for your blog, sell your images, buy high quality royalty free images and videos. To which way you are gonna go?

Would you like to see a giveaway of DepositPhotos subscription on OddBlogger.com? Answer these questions in the comments.

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  1. Abhi, I like having another place to look for images and love that they have a pay as you go option as well. An affiliate program too is nice. I will have to check out their images, thanks for sharing this one with us Abhi.

  2. Hi Abhi, very informative post on depositphotos I hope this will be very helpful too……….

  3. Nice share! Delighted to find out stock photos royalty free on the internet. Seriously, being a blogger its really difficult to find suitable photos for the blog and shocking that other options are also provided like live chat etc.. Great post Abhi!

  4. Hi Abhi
    very informative post i must say. This is the article which I am searching for. thanks for sharing it . And can you please let me know these images anyhow related with copyrights.

  5. It really looks like a great service but I’m not yet ready to subscribe. Would love to if I could or if they’d make a very affordable plan for budding bloggers like myself.

    • Fauzul, I guess you didn’t read the article. They do have some programs for bloggers. Visit the site and read more about it.

      You can contact them about your prblem.

      • Yes I did read your article but I wanted to subscribe their service at an affordable price.
        The programs for bloggers requires a review to be made or to hold out a contest for visitors. There’s nothing mentioned about affordable pricing for bloggers though is there?

        • Yes, Fauzul, I was talking about review thing. I think, it’s pretty good deal. In exchange with a small review you get something from them.

          And if you don’t find that interesting, you should contact them and let them know if you have anything else in your mind. You might find another way out. Good luck, buddy.

          Let me know if I can help you with something.

          And thanks for coming back.

  6. Hi Abhi

    I’ve been using FreeDigitalPhotos for images i used in my posts. DepositPhotos seems to be good alternative, i think i should give it a try as well.

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