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   If you’re just starting out in internet marketing, blog writing or otherwise working to become some sort of authority online then you probably feel intimidated by the thought of putting in the years and years of effort that you believe it takes to become an established and well regarded expert in your field. You’ve probably looked out at the people who are ahead of you in the field and who have the type of career and following you would love to have for yourself and you’ve probably felt discouraged thinking about how much further ahead they are compared to you.

This is a natural feeling and anxiety and one that is all but unavoidable. Instead of getting caught up in these feelings of frustration and defeat you can instead focus on becoming just as well regarded an expert as quickly as possible. And if you approach the process of building your credibility and expertise intelligently you can reach the pinnacle of an interesting and profitable niche much faster than you expect.

There are a few key concepts you need to learn to understand how you can become an expert in your field in 3 months instead of 10 years.

What “Expert” means

First you need to understand what it means to be an expert. We often have a love/hate relationship with experts that put them at a real remove from ourselves. On the one hand we love them and listen to them and feel like they are much more accomplished than we are and worth paying attention to. On the other hand we occasionally feel a certain resentment towards experts, the feeling that they aren’t really that great and we shouldn’t feel the compulsion to listen to them no matter what they say.

These conflicting feelings form the heart of what it means to be an expert. On the one hand experts know more than us about their subject, on the other hand experts aren’t perfect or necessarily that much more accomplished than we are. An expert in a field is really nothing more than an individual who knows more than you in that field. That’s it.

Be knowledgeable in your niche

So to become an expert you don’t need to become the infallible and perfect master of your field of study – you just need to know more than the average person. If you pick your field right the average person probably knows nothing about your field so the process of becoming a relatively knowledgeable “expert” won’t take too long at all. Reading a few books on the subject, synthesizing them in your own writing and maybe giving a couple talks on the subject is usually about all it takes.

This expertise-building strategy does rely on picking the right field to climb to the top of. Picking the wrong field will doom you to years and years of study and fighting to get noticed, picking the right field will short-track you to being the main authority on your topic in no time flat.

Choose a niche that is right for you

The reason most people take years and years and years, if not decades and decades, to become an authority in their field is because they try and pick a field that is too large, too general, and has too many other equally undefined people competing for attention within it. The larger the field you try and become an expert in the longer and harder that road’s going to be. The smaller and more niche the field you become an expert in the faster and easier that process will be.

Think about it for a second, let’s say you wanted to become an expert and you chose the field of gardening. This is a very large field that can be taken in many directions and it will take a lot of time and a lot of work to get noticed in this field. However the more specific you niche in the field the easier a time you’ll have reaching prominence. While it’s difficult to quickly become an expert in “gardening” it’s relatively easy to become a recognized expert in a more specific micro-field like “growing pumpkins with your indoor home garden.”

Be smart and choose wisely

The key to nearly instant expertise involves nothing more than picking a small enough niche that you’ll either be the only person writing about it or you won’t face a large volume of competition for potential clients. Once you’re an expert in your micro-niche you can parlay that expertise into expert status in larger and more general aspects of your field, but starting small will save years off of that process.

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  1. I just love this article Abhi! A lot of people are just starting the learn internet marketing and get overwhelmed easily. I really like that you explain what a niche and micro-niche are and give examples so that anyone can understand what you are talking about. Keep up the great work!

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    Carrie Krishnek

    • Glad you liked the article.

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