DOs and DON’Ts in Blogging

Blogging is being the most popular hobby on the web these days. People love to create blog and write about their life. Blogging has also been a way of earning online money by exchanging useful information over the web.
Most of the youngsters are having much craze of making a blog and after a little period of time start earning money from blogs. But the way one do blogging really matters in getting traffic, earning money etc.

Here in this article I will cover all the major points for emerging new bloggers , to do and don’t do in their blogging for better work with blogging.

DOs and DON’Ts in Blogging

I would like to start with covering all the point which will help you understand what you should not do in blogging.

DON’Ts in Blogging

  • Content Farming: Content farming simply refers to copying content from other popular websites into our blog/site. Most of the bloggers start blogging by just copying and pasting articles from other websites. It is obviously very bad in itself. One is taking all the credits of a good writer. But most of the Bloggers don’t bother about it. But they should know Google Panda is there to keep an eye on them. And remove their links from Google indexing, lowering their Ranks. So STOP making a content farm in your blog/site.
  • Copying Images: Most of the Bloggers copy images from other blogs/sites and put it on their site. And most of the time users search images on google thinking that they aren’t copying from anyone’s blog or website. But in actual they are doing the same, those images are searched out from the blogs and sites only. Google gives us the warning in right sidebar of the page that Image may subject to copyright.
  • Too many Widgets: Most of the bloggers start blogging and put so many widgets on their blog, thinking it will attract readers. But the fact is readers get annoyed with so many widgets and move away. Placing too many widgets on a blogs increases the time to load a blog also.
  • Bunching Ads: Bloggers just start advertising after publishing a small number of posts on their blog with ads scattered everywhere on the blog. Readers will easily move from the blog with less content and ads everywhere. See Better Placement of Ads.
  • Pop Ups: The net surfers often hate the pop-up ads and pop-up subscriptions. It makes their search complicated with unwanted opened windows and tabs, with slowing their work.
  • Porn /Nude Content: Bloggers Should avoid porn/nude content on their blog/site. Most of the readers if see unwillingly this type of content will simply close the browser tab and move away. Google Publishers are not allowed to place ads on webpages with porn content.
  • Choosing colors: Be careful while choosing a template for your blog. One should not choose a very dark template with a very bright color of fonts on it. It gives stress to the readers eyes and let them move from the blog.

Now some of the main points which you must consider for making your blogging experience better.

DOs in Blogging

  • Be Original: The first thing you should follow in blogging is being original. As said in above not to make a content farm, be yourself when blogging. Original in the sense, writing in your way, not just taking lines from others.
  • SEO : This is the most important phase of blogging. One needs to optimize the blog for Search Engines for sure. So that people can find relative content on your site via google, yahoo and other.
  • Be Unique: One should be unique in blogging. That means share something which is not available over the net or rarely found. Or we can say to share something in such a way that’s someone finds it easy.
  • Talk with Readers: A effective way to keep your readers is to talk them via your articles. You can include one or two lines in between or in the end of your article asking something from them. It can be advice, suggestions on the current article matter.You can add polls also, for this.
  • Promoting : Blogging is not just about writing and publishing.What use if you write quality content but no one reads.One of the main tasks in blogging is Promoting your articles.One should share his/her article on forums ,social websites, Blogging communities to get visitors.
  • Social Bookmarking : Its is must and even very easy way to share your article with friends of your few readers which makes a chain visiting and increases readers traffic. Using social bookmarking buttons plays a very important role in getting traffic from other social websites. Get some social book marking widgets for free.
  • Clean & Elegant Template : One should use a clean and elegant template design for blogging. Specially if most of your articles are in Texts. It helps your readers to easily understand what is written in the article easily.
  • Avoid Mistakes : A good blogger should not do silly mistakes in their articles. It leaves a very bad impression to the readers.
  • Regular Backup :  A good blogger is supposed to do regular backup of his/her template if he/she like to play with the template. See Why one needs to back up? And How?

I think I have covered all of the major points which a bloggers needs to Do and Don’t. I hope it can help all the new bloggers in better blogging.

I missed something? Add it to your comments.

Abhishek Balani

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I have a strong passion for new technologies, very autodidact and love to build new things from the ground up. Having 5+ years of dynamic experience accumulated from working in early stage startups to mid-sized organizations in Agile environment.

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