Ethical Ways to generate backlinks without using Black Hat SEO

Have you just started a new website? These days hosting a website is not just enough to get the desired amount of online publicity. To actually make a profit out of the website, you would have to ensure that this website gets the desired amount of hits. There are loads of ways to direct traffic to a particular website. However some of these methods are black hat SEO techniques, simply put, are unethical ways. To ensure that your website is not blacklisted, you need to use techniques of redirecting traffic which are ethical or white hat SEO techniques. One such technique is to create back links for your website.

Black Hat SEO

Content Creation

One of the most successful ways of creating back-links is to write quality articles. It must be ensured that these articles are well written and interestingly presented. Of course it is important that these articles are related to your website and the products or the services that your website provides. There are loads of article directories and content website that would allow you to submit articles. These are effective platforms for one to add on their back-links. Now each of these article directories, have their own sets of dos and donโ€™ts. It must be looked into that while writing these articles, these rules are being adhered to.


As a matter of fact articles directories are not just the only platforms for back links. Starting your very own blog site for your website is a very effective way to create a back link to your website. And it is not really necessary that you stick to your own blog site. You could even post comments on otherโ€™s blogs. This would just not increase your online visibility, but also be a great way of connecting with people who might be interested in your services.

Blog Carnivals

A new concept that has taken over the online world by storm is blog carnival. There are many kinds of blog carnivals that are being hosted online. All you need to do is find those blog carnivals that are related to the services provided by your website. Let us say, for example, you have a website about south East Asian countries, look for travel blog carnivals. These carnivals provide you a chance to submit content and links. All you will have to do is waiting for your content to get published. In case it is chosen then the person hosting the carnival will create your back-links on his/her website.


While surfing the internet, you must have noticed how there are certain bookmarked links, clicking on which, would direct you to other websites. These links are called bookmarks. Many are not aware of the advantages of the bookmarks. The whole point is to increase your online visibility. And those using these links have sworn that their web traffic has increased after they started using book marks.

It is true that are loads of ways of creating back-links to a website. As a matter of fact not only are newer platforms being created for these but there are newer ways of creating back links. What is important is that the ethics of online linking are adhered to and those creating back links are not using black hat SEO techniques as that might end up black listing his website.

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  1. comment on other blogs this will get u traffic and backlinks both. but u talk about traffic it is not so much like the social networking.

  2. Ethical Ways of getting backlinks are good but after pengiun update don’t waste your precious time in these kinds of activities. If we build killer content that attracts users automatically than people will automatically share it and link it.

    • Great thoughts you have, Zeeshan! I wish you good luck with your blogging, buddy!

    • Zeeshan I agree with your points that Google updates give more important to content but SEO still live proper backlinking and pinging will still give you boost and traffics.

      • Well, SEO is not dead but don’t overdo it. STOP spam, build quality and relevant backlinks from high authority sites with the same niche you have. Do Guest blogging as much as you can and boost your ranking on google get free traffic.

      • Hey Rizwan,

        Thanks buddy. I am just going to ping my blog. Haven’t done this from a while. ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. I think this is very important information about getting backlinks.. Anyway, I just hope this can benefit all people especially the bloggers..

    • Yes Annie you are right but getting backlinks with Guest post was great many bloggers allowed you to make dofollow backlinks in bio.

  4. Interesting article Brianne – never come across the concept of ‘Blog Carnivals’ before, so thanks for bringing those to my attention!

  5. Hi Brianne,

    This is great insight. May be I can add one if you don’t mind. Leaving great comments on comment luv enabled blogs is a smart way to get backlinks.


  6. Also, once you’ve got quality content, spread the word via Facebook and Twitter. The more people with eyes on your content, the more chances that someone may link to you, creating more white-hat backlinks for your blog.

  7. Facebook groups make me get lots of traffic.
    And commenting on other blogs, makes me increase my Alexa ๐Ÿ˜€

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