My Winning Story & the final contest with prize money – $1000

This year was the best  for me in my blogging journey. I started participating in blogging contest from the beginning of the year. And I got a cash prize in each of the contests I participated. Of course, I didn’t get the first prize in all, but I managed to reserve one of the winning spots. I would love to share how did I do that with my readers. Actually, I already did that. But I know since I shared my strategy to win blogging contest, I have engaged many new readers to my blog. Now, I want to share my strategy once again with all of my readers (mostly new). So that they can also start earning money from their blogs. I know, most of my readers are looking for ‘making money from blog‘ tips.

Before I start numbering the contest I participated and win, I would again like to thank an awesome blogger who helped me understanding how this contest thing works and helped me grow my strategy. Most of my readers know that blogger already – Holly Jahangiri. She helped me win my first contest, she did beat me. You can visit her blog and know more.

Now, here’s a list of the contest entries and the winning spot in each:

Contest # Contest Entry Prize
#1 Signs of a Good Blog and Good Blogger 2nd
#2 How did I get 380+ comments on my first guest post? 1st
#3 10 reasons why I will not accept your guest post? 1st
#4 How did I win my first 3 blogging contest, back to back? 1st
#5 10 Things That Make You Look Like a Spammer 3rd
#6 Will give you shortly.

 The Final Battle for $1000!

The last 4 contest was held by one of my favorite and effective blogging community – Blog Engage by Brian Belfitt. The contests were held in a series, to find the best guest blogger of 2012. Now, at the end of the year Brian is organizing a final contest, real big one, which has a prize money of $1000.

I had participated in 4 of the previously held contests in Blog Engage, so I am already in the $1000 contest. And I would love to see your support in this one as well, as you supported me always (Especially, this one…. 🙂 ).

Same as always, likes, shares, tweets, votes and comments count as scores. SUPPORT ME!

Here’s the link to my strategy to win blogging contests:

How did I win my first 5 blogging contests back to back

What is for YOU?

Now, here’s the deal. What is here for you?

#1: You’ll get to know my contest winning strategy…

Yes, I am here sharing my contest winning strategy I used to win all the contests I mentioned above. When I wrote the strategy, I wrote How did I win my 3 contest back to back… But now, you can see it is changed to how did I win my 5 contest back to back.

There are a lot of contests currently going on in the blogosphere, you can join any of them and try my strategy. I can’t be sure, but you can get a winning spot easily.

#2: You also can participate in this $1000 contest…

You heard me. Previously, this final contest of $1000 was open only for the bloggers who participated any of the contests held throughout the year. But now, Brian is allowing everyone to enter the contest. So, you can also enter this blogging contest and use the strategy I mentioned and beat me. 🙂

Abhishek Balani

A full stack developer, sometimes designer, passionate coder, tireless knowledge seeker, curious learner. I have a strong passion for new technologies, very autodidact and love to build new things from the ground up. Having 5+ years of dynamic experience accumulated from working in early stage startups to mid-sized organizations in Agile environment. Skilled in Python and related frameworks, React.js, Databases, Hadoop, Elastic Search and various AWS Services like Boto3, API Gateway, Lamda, EC2, EMR, CloudWatch.


  1. The student has surpassed the master. Look at your record over there – when did you NOT beat me?? LOL

    Congratulations, Abhi – now let’s go slug it out (I’ll loan you one of my son’s fencing masks) to the 1st and 2nd place spots, and may the best post win!

    • Then, I hope you are proud of me. 🙂

      If there were “Best post wins” thing, then that would be really tough to decide who is the winner. And surely, I wouldn’t be there. 🙂

      But you have wrote some really awesome articles, especially in the contests.

    • Hello Bashir,

      I am really thankful to you for your all time support, in my contest and over my blog. Thanks a lot.

      I hope you are going to join the discussion and increase the number of comments to 400-500 ehehe… Thanks a lot, friend.

  2. you know what i tried to register on brian site of contests

    but i googled blog engage n 2nd most link is saying its scam

    can you upload some proof of earning to that i can compete you there

    • Hello Bharat,

      I don’t know why did you think that it’s a scam. It’s just some people who doesn’t like Blog Engage. It depends on person to person. I won’t say much in this matter.

      All I can say is, I am loving Blog Engage. WHY? Because I get SOLID PR 4 backlinks in 1000s from Blog Engage, I get to earn lots of moneyy from blog engage and it’s affiliate program, I get traffic from BE, I get to know many other awesome bloggers there. And there are few more…

      And I wasn’t going to share the PROOF of my earning especially for you because the article itself is a proof of my earning. But then I remembered, that I shared my earning once on Facebook, here’s a picture for you: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=443361165687909

      The decision is yours, if you think it’s good, at least try before you come to a conclusion. And If you don’t like it, pass it away. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I think i’m the biggest unfortunate person in this world!
    Never won any contest ever(But just a theme:))
    But i’m earning alot with my own Blog.

    • Hi Salman, I think you’re luckiest man on the world because now you are successful blogger 🙂 Many people were fail.I’ll check your blog soon.

    • If you are earning a lot from your blog then you are already a winner.

      It would be great if you can support ME in my current contest.

  4. Hello Abhi,

    I read your story, and it’s inspirited me a lot. May I will try to win contest with Blog Engage like you. Thanks for sharing your story 🙂

    • Hey Trung,

      I am glad my article was able to inspire you.

      Yes, you should give it a try. And it would be real awesome if you can show me your support in my current contest.

      Please visit my article, hit all the share buttons, share with all your blogger friends and ask them to comment. I would love to see your comments there.

    • Hey Wade,

      It would be really great if you can support me in current contest. There is a link to the entry in the article.

      Please vote, hit all share buttons and join the conversation. It would be awesome if you can share with you friends as well and ask them to stop by.

  5. Hi Abhi I wanted to stop by and wish you best of luck in the contest. With only a few days left ti’s a hard and challenging event to win. I know your competitors are strong and very talented so you have a lot to do in order to win. Best of luck buddy.

  6. Hey Brian,

    Thank you for your wishes. I am still trying to get few more comments, and shares on my entry. Yes, this time competition is tough like it never was.

    I am just hoping, you will consider the whole year and the complete series performance when you choose the best guest blogger of 2012 and not just the one entry.

    Thanks for the wishes, Brian!

  7. I’m a distant third at this point lol. And I don’t mind at all! You’ll have to spill the beans on how you do it though soon! Good luck with the final contest I think its going to be a close one!

    • Me too, is at a long distance this time. Well, you got a good point to help me. hehe… 😀


  8. Hey Abhi that was a great post n we will surely support you.. and BTW thanks to let e know of such contests..

    • Hello Prateek,

      Thank you for the support, my friend. And I am happy to help always.

      Please let me know if you need any help with anything. I will try to help as much as I can.

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