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Social Media Optimization, often coined as SMO, utilizes social media networks and social platforms for directing traffic to a website. These social networks get huge traffic therefore chances of diverting a portion of this traffic to your website are very good. The most important point to notice here is that it brings free traffic from sources other than that used in Search Engine Optimization. Thus, it can provide a significant boost to your website’s ranking.

Promoting your website on social sites such as Digg, Furl, Stumble Upon etc can bring huge volume of traffic on your website. These are some of the high ranking websites that allow users to generate one way links. People can easily find your links on these websites while browsing through them. For your better understanding we have mentioned the important points to remember for generating maximum traffic from social media.
  • Tags : Putting relevant tags while submitting your links is very important. These tags will help the users in finding your links. Try to use tags that are most relevant to your business. Most of the social websites display links on the basis of tags. Users also generally use these tags for browsing through the websites. The tags must be of single as well as multiple words. The multiple word keywords will help in bringing the most relevant traffic for your website. 
  • Bookmarking : Submitting links in high page rank social bookmarking sites is one of the most frequently used option for effective SMO. Bookmarking sites provide high quality one way links for your website. 
  • RSS Feeds: Including an RSS feed button and functionality on your website is considered a good practice for social media optimization. 
  • Social networking : Creating profiles on Social websites such as facebook etc is one of the quickest methods of generating higher page rankings. These websites get huge traffic and if properly harnessed, they can direct a very large volume of traffic on your website. A “like” button for facebook is a must have for every website. Website owners can also get custom made facebook pages for their websites which can be further promoted for getting traffic. 
  • Blogging : Every website must have a blog. This blog must be used for posting interesting content. The content posted here must be relevant to the services offered by you. A properly written blog with highly informative content can tap in extra traffic to your website. Moreover, you can use your blog as a means to convey your methodologies, thinking process, planning for the future and a lot of more stuff. The comments for the post should be allowed so that interested users can participate and discuss their views. 

Social Media is a very powerful source. A huge amount of traffic flows through this channel. All you require is a Social Media Optimization Expert who can tap into this channel and generate traffic for your website. The Social Media can play a very important role in deciding your website rankings in major search engines. Therefore, decision for hiring the SEO expert must be taken very carefully.

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Abhi Balani is the owner and editor of OddBlogger.
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  1. Yep social media is very powerful source for traffic.
    Now a days i am making most out of Facebook and Stumbleupon to draw more and more traffic.
    Nice tips 🙂

    • Hello Imran,

      Absolutely. StumbleUpon is the network to keep an eye on and work with it. It is a very good source of traffic. In my opinion, better than Facebook.

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