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On August 5, 2013
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HireWriters.com is an excellent place to order unique web content for any niche on the planet.

From real estate agents to blog owners, dentists to internet marketers, everyone is finally starting to understand how important quality content is when it comes to positioning their websites in the search engines, engaging users, and growing their web presence exponentially.

HireWriters.com is an excellent place to order unique web content for any niche on the planet. There are many key benefits to using HireWriters which we’ll be highlighting in this review, including their low prices and fast turn around times. This HireWriters review will also be looking at some of the features of the site, including how well it’s organized and how simple it is to get exactly what you need. You can get paid to write from HireWriters.com.


With a 25% bonus for new customers, you really can’t go wrong, so take a few moments to look over this review of HireWriters and find out why so many professionals are choosing HireWriters.com as their go-to place to order content for the internet.

What Is HireWriters.com?

Aptly named, HireWriters.com is a place to hire writers to write articles, posts for social media, eBooks and even re-writes of other articles that need to be punched-up. One of the best parts of HireWriters is that they have many safeguards in place to ensure their customers are getting the highest possible quality content to fit their budgets, without the long wait times that freelancers can sometimes be known for. Here’s how they’re able to ensure that you’re always getting top quality content, on time, and that you’re always satisfied with your order.

Choose your deadline: If you need an article in as little as twelve house, you can set the deadline for half of a day. If you don’t mind waiting a little longer and giving the writer more time, you can set a longer deadline of 5 days. You can also choose anything in between, and it doesn’t cost extra to have an urgent 12 or 24 hour project.

Revisions: If you aren’t completely satisfied with the result, you can always request a revision. This gives the writer a chance to change around the content to meet your specifications, and you can even give your writer notes on what to work on. Sometimes, for whatever reason, a writer just doesn’t understand a project or is having an off-day. Requesting a revision allows them a second chance to meet your needs. Misunderstandings happen, but there’s no reason you should be stuck paying for content that you aren’t absolutely thrilled with – and HireWriters makes sure of it!

Writers aren’t overworked: HireWriters.com has safeguards in place to ensure that writers aren’t biting off more than they can chew. If you post 25 article requests, you don’t have to worry about one person coming along and scooping them all up right away and rushing to get through them. Having said that, if you have a favorite writer and you specifically want them to take on large orders for you, that’s no problem and HireWriters can accommodate that as well.

Keep track of your favorite writers: If you are matched up with a writer who blows you out of the water, you can add them to your favorites. The next time you need an article, you can request that a specific writer takes on the job.

Pay for the quality you need: Sometimes, we don’t need premium magazine quality articles, just something quick will the job. HireWriters has several different levels of quality, so when you need an article from a premium writer, only the highest rated writers will see your request. When anything will do, you can post your request so that anyone can take it on, even writers who have yet to earn the highest ratings. The best part is that even if you post an article that allows lower-tier writers to accept it, you’ll often have skilled high-ranked writers scooping it up, giving you a top-notch article from a highly skilled writer for a fraction of what it would normally cost.

Copyscape Passed: Before the content even reaches you from the writer’s desk, it is passed through Copyscape to ensure that it hasn’t been lifted from other websites. This is just another of the many checks and balances to ensure you’re getting real, legitimate content every time.

These options and rules ensure that the client is always getting great content for an incredible price at HireWriters.com, and they all contribute to the popularity and success of this website amongst business owners and entrepreneurs who need to hire writers for various projects.

Other Features and Benefits of HireWriters

We’ve just taken a look at some of the features that ensure you’re going to get quality content, and never getting ripped off. There are many more benefits and features on HireWriters which you should know about if you’re thinking about using them to order your content.

HireWriters is very well organized. As you may know, it’s tricky to hire freelance writers and to keep track of all of them on your own. It takes a lot of extra time to hire writers on your own, you’ve got to vet them and make sure they’re good, and you have no guarantees if you aren’t satisfied with the quality. HireWriters.com takes care of all of that because your account is very well organized, allowing you to see all ongoing and past projects at a glance, and on the very rare occasion that someone may try to pass off low-quality content, you aren’t stuck paying for it, you can simply reject it.

Hiring Freelance Writers Just Got A Lot Easier

Gone are the days where you need to fret about finding writers for your website projects. HireWriters.com goes out of their way to attract the brightest and best online content writers, and to match you up with them to form long-term business relationships which are mutually beneficial. You will get the quality content that it takes to thrive online these days, and your favorite writers will be well-compensated for their efforts. The tip feature allows you to reward writers who go above and beyond with a small bonus.

Final Thoughts About HireWriters.com

There are a lot of places that you can order content, but none of them are as well-organized or client-friendly as HireWriters. When it comes to the price, HireWriters is very versatile. When only the best will do, and you’re willing to pay for quality, they’ve got you covered. If you’re looking for something cheap and not too worried about winning any literary awards, they’ve got you covered too!

In a short amount of time, HireWriters has become the premiere place to order content online and to hire freelance writers for any number of niches or projects. It’s no wonder why! If you sign up today, you’ll receive a 25% bonus on your first deposit, which really sends the value of this website through the roof. As a client looking for great content, you really can’t go wrong with HireWriters.com. They have clearly put a lot of effort and thought into the operations of the site, and they’re always open to feedback and suggestions from their users – so it’s only going to get better!

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  1. Abhi, have you tried hirewrters for your blog? If yes then what’s your personal experience about them? And what you think, are they providing cheap services as compare to market rates?

  2. I usually use Fiverr to hire writers, or reach out to friends 😛 However, thanks for information regarding this service as well.

  3. I had been using this site for about a month and had submitted a couple of articles (I was working around other jobs.) I had gotten four stars and a good review on one from the client, and five stars on two and a tip on one. These reviews came from the clients. I had gotten no negative feedback from any clients or site editors. One day, I was randomly locked out of my account so I emailed support. They wrote back saying, “Our senior editor deemed your writing quality to be inadequate. I have reviewed your articles, and find them to be reasonable enough, so I have reinstated your account.” You would think that if the writing was ‘inadequate’, they would have informed you in some way at some point, instead of allowing to writer to believe that he or she is doing the right thing. I find this kind of behavior to be unprofessional and unacceptable.

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