[How to] Add a widget above Blog Header [Tutorial]

Hey my Blogger Friends.You must have noticed in your template,that we have a blog header.Blog header Is simply the name of our blog which is shown on the top of our blog.And we cannot add any widget above it,or replace it or remove it.But as you can see in my Blog i have added my Pages gadget above my Blog header(ProBlogging).
Isn’t this a nice trick.Here i am sharing this beautiful hack with you,so that you can also play with your header.
This hack will enable you to add one more widget in your header section (above or below).

Unable to understand have a look to the images below

Your template before this hack

The header is locked,unmovable,and we cannot add a gadget above it.
Now after this hack your template will be like
I hope now you get it….Ready to apply this hack to your template 
So tutorial for How To Add a Widget above Blog Header goes here :->
Go to your Blogger Dashboard.
Click on design->Edit Html .
Now make a backup of your template first.(See Why and How  to backup)

Now here in our code we have to edit a little piece of code.Search for the code which looks like below

<b:section class=’header’ id=’header’ maxwidgets=’1′ showaddelement=’no’><b:widget id=’Header1′ locked=’true’ title=’Yourheader (Header)’ type=’Header’><b:includable id=’main’>

TIP : you can try to search for the code with pieces of this code like search for the bolded code and match it with above code.

Now Time to edit this code

  • Change maxwidgets from 1 to 2.(to add another gadget to header)
  • Change shadowelement  no to yes.
  • Change locked=true to locked=false.(enabling to remove it later).
Now preview it,if error free , click on  SAVE TEMPLATE  .

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