[How to ] Add Meta Tags to individual post in Blogger [Tutorial]

Hello Blogger Friends,
Recently I got a query in my comments

Hey Abhi do you have any post on your site regarding adding meta tags and meta description separately on every post in blogger?

 I thought to share it with all my readers.
So here is the post
How to Add Meta Tags to individual post in Blogger tutorial goes here.

Let suppose you want to add meta tags to your post
then you need to add the following piece of code in your meta content

<b:if cond=’data:blog.url == “url of your post“‘>
<meta content=’ keywords related to your post ‘ name=’keywords’/>
<meta content=’ description of your post‘ name=’description’/>

TiP : Paste this code under your meta tags.

Although some of the writers say that google now ignore meta tags, But I have meta tags in my template.
I would suggest to use individual meta tags for few posts only…

Happy Blogging

Abhishek Balani

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  1. This need to be added in the template code?If yes then I read it already but the thing is its difficult to add for every post then lets say if you have 1000+ posts grrrrr that is why I prefer wordpress over blogger just because of all in one SEO pack still thanks Abhi for this post surely would be helpful for many btw where do you put up in delhi?

  2. @ Neeraj Rawat : Brother,we dont need much SEO for a web-blog or web-site. The thing we have to focus on is quality and original content…
    Google panda is there to keep an eye on your web-site ti get you indexed or not..

  3. Content would be king forever but still these things play an important role.If we dont need then why SEO is there for?I know how to do things in wordpress but blogger still kinda mystery to me.Dont forget product without proper marketing is useless.Panda wasnt bad for white hat SEO it was for black hat SEO and content copy things

  4. @ Neeraj Rawat :Ya…for sure it is a black hat… I meant google have algorithms to crawl good contents.
    Different people have different views and thoughts for Blogger and WordPress.
    Anyways Wish you good luck for your web-site. 🙂
    Keep commenting

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