How to Build Blogging relations that lasts Forever

Blogging, a wonderful word that everyone is having on their mind. Now a days Blogging is no longer a mysterious word for the upcoming generation. Almost all web surfers interact daily with web blogs. And guess what most of the Internet is built on Blogs. Basically blog is the backbone of Internet with Google as Heart. Blogs and Blogger can be found anywhere on the Internet. Suppose you searched a term on Google say “Trends in Technology”, its 99.9% probability that the page you will open will be a technology blog. And not even the simple text blogs there is more craze of Video blogging now days. Well that’s not what we are talking about its off topic.

Blogging Relations

Before that let’s talk about their importance. Now a days, According to choice of many youngsters, most of them want to be an Entrepreneur. Even I’m a young Blogger and I want to do something on my own. For being an Entrepreneur the Blogging is choice of many as it is full of lot of fame as well as money. So everyone is becoming Blogger without knowing the right thing and reasons behind it and thus we all are facing a non-sense competition. I’m saying this competition because Google prefers the new generated web-pages in their index.

Hundreds of Blogs start everyday but who cares. No one even take a look at them and think practically that how is it possible for a reader to read all the web blogs of different owners with different ideas. At this point the relations and contacts come in play.

Suppose you are a very familiar face in different Blogging communities and a newbie guy started blogging and doing well. Now a situation comes that you both ranked in the search engine on the first page and you have good relations and contacts then its a human tendency to reach to that person whom they know. A good relation definitely gives a great impact on Blogging. Trust me guys these relations are neither easy to create nor easy to maintain. Well some of you will have contradictory feedback on this statement but its true guys.

So instead of going too long, let me coming to the point.

How to Build Blogging Relations –

Increase Interaction on Facebook –

Facebook is the home of 500 million users. Almost all Bloggers use Facebook to remain connected with their fellow Bloggers and to promote their new products or articles. Being active and participating in discussion is one of the best way to build Blogging relations. Join the active Blogging communities and participate in discussions. Reply to each and every comment in the discussion. But make sure that participate only in those discussions about which you have complete knowledge. Because incomplete knowledge will unnaturally degrade your grade in the community.

Do Comment on Niche related Blogs –

Commenting is another one of the best way to build relations. As everyone now a days have comment luv plugins on their blogs that is actually a good thing. Whenever you left a comment you actually give a URL of your latest content to the world. Commenting indicates that you are a daily reader of the specific Blogger and that makes the Blogger to check out your Blog which in turn builds a perfect relation.

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Don’t Hesitate to Follow on Google+ and Twitter –

Some Bloggers think that they should only have followers on their Twitter and G+ account. Maximum Bloggers don’t want to follow. This act is just like two forces are acting on backward directions resulting in net zero gain. Following on Twitter and G+ doesn’t means that you are degrading yourself in front of world. You are just creating a link with other person. Did you ever think Why Facebook have 500 million users? Just because Facebook has “Add Friend” option instead of “Follow me”. So stop thinking and change your point of view Bloggers.

Well these were some common but must know techniques to build relations in Blogging. I would suggest you to stop wasting time on watching stupid pictures or status on Facebook. Better you take participate in discussions to build contacts and gain knowledge.

I prefer commenting on other blogs and following Bloggers on Twitter to build relations. What do you prefer?

Rudraksh Pathak

This is Rudraksh Pathak. I'm a Social Media and tech blogger at TekDig. Currently I'm pursuing Engineering in Computer Science. I'm a passionate blogger and loves to write about technology.


  1. Rudraksh, this is a pretty good post. Having owned a blog for the past 3 years now, I can look back and point out some of the mistakes that I have made over the years … of not connecting with other fellow bloggers … but don’t you think this kind of deep engagement would be limited by Dunbar’s number?

  2. Great piece of writing. Relationships play a crucial role in blogging and Facebook is my most favorite place to build blogging relations. Thanks for the share.

  3. Hello rudraksh, Nice post about building relationships online. Social media can get us lots of friends twitter,facebook,linkedin,google+,pinterest and so on. Its good to follow on twitter and tweetback. I feel mentioning friends and linking to them in our post can help each other grow more and fast. Guest Posting is very idea on that. You can get direct backlinks from there.

  4. Very nice post
    Building relationship plays a vital role in establishing your blog to a stable base and also it makes you attain a bumper traffic
    Yeah social sites, guest posting, back linking are really important to attract the attention of bloggers as well the audience to your blog
    Keep sharing!!!

  5. Well I want to build relations with some bloggers but the problem is I am just beggining with my blog, so it is difficult. But not imposible because I just got a dofollow backlink from a Good Blogger with 700+ fans on Facebook. I send her some advices for her blog and she was very happy. The key is cooperation.

  6. Great article Rudraksh!! Building relations is very essential and helps one in many ways like advice,tips and also asking for social sharing of posts..

  7. I have found it quite difficult to network with other companies in the window blinds sector. If anyone has any advice that would be great.

    Kind regards


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